Title: Jaded Beast VOL. VI: Dog & Pig
Authors: Lizzie T. Leaf, Leigh Ellwood, Kara Andrews, Mila Ramos

Publisher: Midnight Showcase
Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifter
Publication date: December 2006
ISBN: 1-555-5496 VOL. 06-30
Pages: 198


Heat Level: 2 Chilies
Rating: 4.5 Lips

Enchanting by Lizzie T. Leaf
Randall Macallister is accidentally turned into a black Scottie by his twin fifteen-year-old half-witch step-sisters and during the shock he realizes the need to urinate, but once outside instead of looking for a bush, he chased the neighbors cat, got hit by a car and falls madly in love with the vet who hit him.
Dr, Amanda Livingston was having a bad day that started with her ex-boyfriend inviting her to his wedding! How could she have invested five years in that man and yet not once had he mentioned marriage? And then to top it off, she just had a difficult delivery with a mare that kept her longer than intended now she just hit a dog. Could her day get any worse?
Lizzie T. Leaf
creates one hilarious story that kept me laughing so much that my sides ached. Enchanting has certainly outdone any previous books that Ms. Leaf has ever done by a mile! Readers can tell that she has a flair and quirky sense of humor coupled with a healthy dose of sex. One would wander how she can type while laughing so hard. Readers new to her will definitely get hooked!

by Leigh Ellwood
Jeremy Vanderkellen is a werewolf forced to act as a private eye and mingle with humans in Toronto but that did not stop him from getting Jenna McCoy hot and bothered as she sat in front of his desk by mentally stroking her clit. The silly woman claimed that her boss had been kidnapped by two creatures from another realm in front of a convention full of Trekkers and had disappeared into thin air. Boy, she did not know the half of it, as there were plenty of things that go bump in the night in Toronto!
Jenna could not believe that no one saw two creatures snatch Dina Jacobs. The room was packed but every one claimed they had seen nothing and the police did not believe her. Now she sat in front of this pompous jerk's desk having an orgasm! What was wrong with her? She lost her best friend and her job while having the best sex of her life and no one had touched her!
Leigh Ellwood's
Excitable continues this anthology and it is plain to see that Lizzie has rubbed off on Leigh--or vice versa! The silliness continues in the second book and makes me wonder how I missed this party. Excitable was fun to read while downing massive amounts of iced water that kept me hot - a wicked read to make readers pant but I must brush up on Canadian lingo as I was lost with some of the phrases, but it did not detract from the book as I just inserted my own interpretation. A definite keeper!

Secret Order Of The Boar
by Kara Andrews
Jonin Lee is an employee of Santex, the largest and most powerful corporation on earth. The year is 2525 and Jonin only wanted one thing--to leave earth and live on a space station on the moon. Santex had assumed total control of the government and religious freedom had been banished. Jonin was the high wizard of The Secret Order Of The Boar and called its members to prepare them for the day of enlightenment, which was near. They assembled in a cave in the New Mexico desert fearing for their lives if caught. Jonin's boss was a dictator who wanted total control of earth and if he found the members, they would face execution.
Sabine Morgan had made a deathbed promise to her grand mother as a teen and she was determined to honor it by taking over Santex and freeing the people to worship any way that they chose. Sabine had wormed her way to become Mr. Rhimes’ second-in-command and when he retired, Santex would be all hers. Sabine played along with his request to spy on Jonin Lee but she had her own agenda, there was some thing about him that made her knees weak and very south of the border hot.
Kara Andrews
continues this anthology of four stories that got better with each one that I read. Secret Order Of The Boar is filled with twists, deception, and steamy sex to get you squirming. It is a page-turner that hooks you in from the beginning and spits you out at the end. Although it was not as funny as the previous two books, it does keep you on the edge of your seat and will have you teary eyed when Sabine rushes to the cave when she senses that Jonin needs her. An excellent read!

Prophecy Of The Boar
by Mila Ramos
Ailsa Sullivan was on her way home from her military training in the Elusion army and had busted her butt trying to get accepted for the elite Shadow Breakers that very few qualified for. Her dad had been a Shadow and had told thrilling stories while her mom patched him up from his injuries. Ailsa just wanted to spend time with her family and forget about the difficult training and people trying to read her mind. The moment she pulled up in the driveway a fear settled in the pit of her stomach; the house was too quiet and the food burned in the kitchen. When she heard a whimper, she leaped into military mode and slipped across the floor to see the man she loved kill her family.
Duncan Walsh was angry that his parents had arranged his mate for him, but when he saw whom it was, he readily accepted and they could hardly keep from claiming each other. Eighteen years ago, he had an accident that took his memory and each time he forced his mind to remember, a stabbing pain rendered him helpless. To make matters worse a woman claimed that he had killed her family and he had to train her in arm-to-arm combat!

Mila Ramos ends the book with her inspiring story of perceptions, murders, and lies. Prophecy Of The Boar was filled with intrigue and a great plot, but it ended much too soon in my opinion as I was deeply involved and was ready to kick some major butt with them! Perhaps if I beg really hard I can convince Ms. Ramos for a sequel? Although it was not white hot with sex, I promise you will not miss it! Encore!