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    revision Taima, a blue eyed Shoshone warrior

    Do you love time travel or intrigued by a blue eyed warrior and how that may have happened? LOL Glad you stopped in to read, thank you! Taima is a handsome, one woman warrior and leader of his people. Though his wife was killed by trappers, he remains true to her until....Kate comes into his life. Neither wants to admit the attraction and fight to keep their hearts safe but eventually love has to take over. I won't spoil the story for you but their souls DO travel through time and so does her ring! To read a few chapters, go to my site at I'd love to hear your feedback! Go to To purchase the novel, go to my main website or Leave a comment here as to what you enjoy reading in a time travel. What type of hero do you enjoy? What would he look like? Personality type?
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