Carrie Holland is the captain of the spaceship Triumphant. Her mission is to search for new territories to house Earth’s rapidly growing population.

Everything is going wrong on her current voyage.

1. An opinionated doctor called Joan has stowed away with them by mistake. She wants to return to Earth and is causing huge problems, pushing buttons left, right and center and sending their ship off course. (Carrie wants to throttle her or worse!)

2. York, her male second-in-command, has developed a crush on her and seems to think they’ll become a couple. (Not even in his dreams!)

3. Her parents Rita and Ted don’t think she’s capable of navigating out of a paper bag, let alone finding new territories. (She’ll show them!)

4. They’ve crash landed on an Earth-like planet, but their communications system won’t work, the ship needs repairs and their food supplies are low because Joan has eaten half their food on the sly. (No wonder she’s plump and the ship is handling sluggishly!)

5. Howling red wolves inhabit the planet, and they’re of the shapeshifting variety. (Carrie doesn’t know this yet but she’s about to find out.)

Django lives on the planet Wolverton. It’s a planet with a shortage of females, and they’re at war with the Felinius who also have a shortage of females. They kidnap women off each other all the time. Wolf v Feline – it’s the natural way.

He has his own set of problems:

1. They’ve captured a ship with a very sexy woman on board. All the men want her but only one can have her. (This woman is all curves with black hair and flashing blue eyes. She makes him want to howl and do lots of other things as well…)

2. The Felinius are attacking their border towns. (No doubt his arch enemy Felix has heard about the minx with the black hair and flashing blue eyes, and he wants her too)

3. The sexy bombshell doesn’t seem interested. She wants to leave. (Hell, no. That will never happen even if he has to dismantle their ship to halt her departure)

4. There’s another woman on board the newly arrived ship. Joan has a crush on him. (Is it manly to say Ick?)

5. One of the men on the newly arrived ship has challenged him to a duel because he wants Carrie. (Does he know how canine wolves duel?)

Adventure into Romance

Leticia's Lovers, out now, Ellora's Cave
Currents Run Deep, 1 May, Ellora's Cave