“We don’t expect you to give up your job, sweetheart,” Felix said. With two giant steps, he stood beside her. “Django and I—never mind. We’ll discuss that later. We have something more pleasurable in mind.”

Carrie blinked, digesting his words, surprised to find Django standing at her side too. Heat emanated off their naked bodies, and she was very aware of their proximity. And um, their cocks. There were so many of them. How was that going to work?

“I think someone is wearing too many clothes,” Django said, tugging at her tunic top.

“I second that,” Felix purred. “How about we take some of these off?” He nuzzled her neck, the touch of his lips sending a shiver of pleasure clear to her toes. A throaty moan escaped her, and Django chuckled.

The masculine sound drew an instant response, her breasts swelling and desire flaring inside her. Before Carrie knew it, she was as naked as the two men. Her men. Her gaze strayed to their cocks again.

“Carrie,” Django said in a stern voice. “Don’t think so hard.” He swept her up into his arms and carried her over to the low bed. He shoved aside the jewel-colored cushions. “Felix?” They shared a very male look and seemed to communicate silently. They were friends. Very good friends, given what she’d witnessed earlier. That was good. Lovers should be friends.

Felix dropped onto the bed and cuddled up to her back. He nuzzled her neck, using tongue and teeth to torment her. Pleasure coursed through her body, only escalating when Django cupped one breast. He dipped his head and laid a trail of butterfly kisses across the upper curve.

Carrie moved restlessly. The two men had barely started and it felt as if they played her body like a musical instrument. Django bit her nipple with a light and exquisite touch. A moan slipped free. That felt so good.

“On your back,” Felix whispered then he was kissing her other breast. Their hands roved her body, stroking and teasing, drawing a reaction from her and preparing her for their loving.

Django moved down her body, sliding one leg between hers. “So pretty,” he whispered. “I can’t wait to feel your heat, taste you.” He ran his hand across her hip and down her thigh, his touch making her shiver with pleasure, with expectation.

Felix mirrored Django’s actions. One cupped her bottom, lifting her. They kissed her inner thighs, gradually moving closer and closer to her core. Lips sucked and nibbled. Kissed. A tongue circled her clit while a single finger pushed inside her.

Carrie sucked in a breath, releasing it on a long, drawn out moan. Heat unfurled, the pleasure growing with every touch, every kiss.

Django moved away for an instant, the sliding of a drawer attracting her attention until Felix delved between her legs, lapping the length of her cleft with evident relish. Pleasure coursed through her body. She wanted this so much.

“Move aside, Felix. Let me prepare Carrie so we can both love her.”

Felix glanced up at her and grinned. “My pleasure.” He moved up her body and kissed her tenderly. She wrapped her arms around him, loving the feel of him, his scent and his very talented lips.

“This might feel a bit cool at first,” Django said.

“Ooh,” said Carrie jumping at the cool sensation on her puckered entrance. Then Felix distracted her with a kiss, the warm, wet suction of his mouth sliding from her lips and down her throat. He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked. “Felix,” she whispered. “Oh, Django.” Sensations poured through her body, a curl of arousal spiraling low in her belly.

“Okay, Felix. On your back. We’ll go for basic our first time together.”

Felix released her nipple with a distinct pop and laughed. “I can do that.” He tugged Carrie on top. “Take me inside you, sweetheart.”

Good idea, Carrie thought. She guided Felix’s cock to her entrance and sank down, moaning at the sensation of fullness.

“Damn, that feels good,” Felix said, his voice husky with desire. “Come down here, sweetheart. Kiss me while Django gets organized.”

She felt Django behind her and relaxed as he stroked and prepared her for his possession. He grasped her hips, and a sliver of fear sneaked through her mind. Two more cocks to go. What…how would this work?

Django pushed inside her gently, taking his time while Felix kissed and petted her, driving her to distraction. She felt exquisitely full, her pussy throbbing.

“Damn, Django,” Felix groaned. “I can feel your cock against mine. Feels good. Why didn’t I know this would feel so good?”

Django leaned over Carrie. He kissed her shoulder and smoothed his fingers over Felix’s cheek. “I love you guys,” he said and started moving. Felix moved counterpoint, the two men instinctively setting up a rhythm to pleasure all of them.

“Uh, Django?”

“Yes, darling?”

“What are you doing with your other cock?”

“Nothing, at the moment.”


Django stroked into her and Carrie shuddered. Felix groaned and kissed her, his tongue sweeping into her mouth.

Then she felt something extra. A tactile glide across her clit. “Oh, god,” she whispered, unbearable friction making her gasp. Her pussy clenched, squeezing both the cocks buried inside her. “What is that?”

“My third cock,” Django said a trifle smugly. “From this position, I can play with your clit or I can tease Felix, stroking one of his pleasure points like this.”

Felix’s loud groan and soft curse made Carrie giggle. Then their laughter fell away, and it was all about pleasure, about loving. Strained breathing filled the room and the scent and noises of sex. The pleasure grew as they stroked each other, Django teasing both of them with his second cock.

The velvet tension grew, the coil of energy finally exploding in a maelstrom of pleasure. Carrie felt her sheath pulse with her climax, felt the pulse of three cocks and knew she’d found heaven. Life was perfect and she couldn’t be happier.

Every girl should be so lucky to find two alpha males and three perfect cocks.