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By Rebecca Savage
Romantic Suspense

When fire meets ice, stand back and watch out! A fireman and the daughter of parents who own several ice houses come together in a heart melting, passionate encounter.

Back Cover Blurb:

Sherri’s heart is a frozen block of ice after what her spouse has done to her. She needs a place of rest, a safe haven, away from the long armed reach of her soon-to-be-ex-husband. He abused her, and she escaped. Now he wants her back, and he’s stalking her, threatening her, promising she’ll not live if she doesn’t return to him. He’s wealthy and powerful, and he’ll accept no betrayal from someone who thinks she can leave him unscathed. She changes her identity and goes in search of a new home, and a brighter future. She finds one, in a rental unit owned by John.

John is a fireman. He’s seen people in Sherri’s position before. He despises men who abuse women. He lost a woman to just such a man. He’ll not let anyone hurt Sherri. She’s too beautiful, and he’s falling too hard, too fast. He vows to protect her to the end.

Investment Of The Heart
By Linda LaRoque
Contemporary Romance

Taking a second chance on love is often the biggest
investment a heart can make.

Back Cover Blurb:

Widow Hallie Barron wants her daughter happily married to the young rancher she loves. When Simon Cole enters Hallie’s life she’s reminded she’s a woman with needs and desires. She yearns for a love like she once had, but fears risking her heart.

Rancher Simon Cole doesn’t feel that city women belong on a ranch. He’s set to prove his nephew’s fiancée is a mistake. Yet when he meets her mother, he finds himself wishing there was a place for Hallie in his life.

On a ranch in the Hill Country of Texas, love is recognized, lost, and found.

Mortal Coil
By Julie Eberhart Painter
Mystery/Romantic Suspense

Someone is killing little old ladies in Ellen Lange’s nursing home and since the facility owners don’t seem to care, Ellen sets up a plan to take them down.

Back Cover Blurb:

When two residents in Ellen Lange’s nursing home are murdered, Special Investigator Bill Watts is called to the scene. With the murders linked to others, known as the Ponytail crimes, it’s only a matter of time before the killer strikes again.

Bill is a Southerner; Ellen was raised in the Midwest. While Bill takes to Ellen’s daughter, Patti, Ellen resists, claiming that she and her daughter are a team with no room for the once divorced Bill. Despite her efforts to remain aloof, Ellen finds herself falling in love with more than the South as the investigation progresses.

Once An Outcast
The Orphan Train Series
By Jane Toombs
Historical Romance

An outcast learns the meaning of love as she struggles to find her place in a dangerous world.

Back Cover Blurb:

When beautiful half-gypsy Jehenna Scovia is thrust aboard an orphan train by a man employed by her father, she knows she’s an outcast. Nathan Cohen, hired by her father to find her and bring her home, believes she’s a runaway. She’s good at eluding him, but he’s even better at finding her. Each time they connect, the spark between them scares them both. What will happen when it bursts into flame?

The Gender Divide
By David Boultbee
Science Fiction/Futuristic

In a world where women live four times longer than men, Ryan Peters will sacrifice anything to succeed.

Back Cover Blurb:
Ryan Peters is an anomaly. In a world where women live four times as long as men do, Ryan is one of a few men with a similar lifespan. This difference in lifespan has had profound consequences on the world balance of political, economic, and military power and has created a social Gender Divide that threatens to tear the world apart.

Determined to close this Gender Divide, Ryan will sacrifice anything to succeed. The Gender Divide has already cost him the one true love of his life and even though he has a second chance, he won't let that stand in his way. He is even willing to give up his own life… and in a sense he already has.