Title: Poison
Ebook ISBN:
Length: 5,711 words (21 pages)
Genre: MxM/Dark Fantasy/BDSM
loveyoudivine Category: His and His Kisses / Dark Fantasy
Rating: Supernova
Story Blurb:
On the surface, Luc is the most beautiful man Kurt has ever seen. Inside, however, Luc is full of venom and spite. Though their affair has been doomed from the start, Kurt finds it hard to break the destructive cycle of their trysts, since passion is addictive.

Close to midnight on New Year’s Eve, Luc shows up at Kurt’s house expecting sex. Angered, Kurt resolves to finally end their relationship. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions are easy to break—especially when Luc teases Kurt with a glimpse of bare skin…

Excerpt #1
: The Subway Stranger
“You didn’t wait to leave me your number,” said a silky voice directly behind him. Kurt’s shoulders tensed. A familiar odor filled his nose. Impossible. Kurt didn’t need to turn around to know that the speaker was the man from the subway.
“So what is it?” The voice continued. Wide-eyed, Kurt turned to face the speaker. He lost the ability to speak, however, once his former seatmate’s flawless face and muscular, suit-clad body manifested. Damn, he’s ripped.
“Cat got your tongue?”
“I…” Kurt trailed off. He was in state of disbelief. Although their earlier encounter on the subway had been of questionable innocence, he couldn’t wrap his brain around the fact that this unknown man probably wanted his phone number for lascivious purposes.
“Well? You want to give it to me. I can tell.”
The businessman gave him the once-over; then winked at him. Startled, Kurt found his voice.
“I, uh…I don’t know what—”
“Here. You can write it on my card,” the businessman interrupted. He pulled one out of his blazer’s interior pocket, followed by a ballpoint pen.
Kurt swallowed hard and blinked. There was no mistake. This mysterious guy—who had apparently followed him off the train—was hitting on him. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. He was even more shocked when the businessman placed the pen in his hand, lightly stroking his middle finger against Kurt’s cool palm before he released it. The engineer’s heart was a snare drum in his chest. His fingers reflexively gripped the rock-smooth surface of the pen. The subway stranger looked him in the eyes, assessing him with a half-smile. Adopting a patient stance, he awaited Kurt’s response. The young man took a deep, inaudible breath.
The businessman’s smile widened, but his eyes did not agree. Ice lurked below the surface of his crystal stare. The engineer shivered—though whether from lust or from trepidation, he couldn’t determine.
“What’s your name?”
Kurt bit his lip. “What’s yours?”
The businessman smiled again without his eyes. “I asked you first.”
“Fair enough. It’s Kurt.”
“Kurt,” the businessman repeated. His gaze hardened—and so did the engineer. Kurt’s slippery cock poked through front of his boxers and rubbed tantalizingly against the rough interior of his jeans. His groin ached from the drawn-out, persistent erection that had appeared ever since he first laid eyes on the sexy stranger. Fidgeting, uncomfortable with being aroused in public, he kept the laptop case positioned in front of his lower half and silently plucked the businessman’s card out of his hand. He felt the other’s eyes watching him. The engineer peered down at the paper object in his hand. The card was bone-white, with gilded, golden edges and raised ebony letter in the center. Kurt’s blurry eyes focused on the name they proudly spelled: Luc Stone.
“Luc,” he murmured. “Nice to meet you.”
Before he could realize what he was doing, the engineer had already written down his name and number on the back of Luc Stone’s card.
“No last name, Kurt?”
He squeezed Kurt’s bicep gently, but with controlled force. The engineer jumped instinctively at the contact. Luc’s touch brought bright heat to his cheeks. Blushing like a fucking schoolboy. Real smooth. He looked down at the floor, embarrassed by his virginal behavior.
“Never mind, then,” Luc said with a smirk. He plucked the card from the engineer’s numb grasp, and flashed another cold smile. Kurt shivered again.
“Pleasure,” the businessman uttered in a low voice. He turned on his heel and strolled gracefully toward the exit. Kurt stared after him, pulse wild, senses burning; a restless ache inside him.
Excerpt #2: New Year’s Resolution
Kurt knew Luc had come to fuck him. The glazed, hardened gaze the businessman flaunted spoke of a cold, sharp lust, like a clear sky before a snowstorm. When Luc brushed past with a meaningful look, Kurt realized he was in for it tonight. Damn. Below, there was heat—and a strong, stretching length.
“So what's your New Year's resolution, Kurt?” Luc asked, chuckling softly as the engineer carefully locked the front door behind him. Walking slowly to the middle of the living room, the businessman unbuttoned his coat, purposefully facing away from Kurt. After all, teasing was second nature to him. The weary engineer suddenly felt indignant.
“To stop letting you fuck me,” he muttered bitterly. He folded his arms across his chest in the closest imitation of defiance he could muster, given his throbbing distraction.
Luc turned to face him with a seductive smile as Kurt scowled back at him.
“You said that last month.”
“I mean it this month.”
“Oh, you never mean it.”
The businessman gave him a dismissive wave. Before Kurt could react to the insult, Luc opened his coat to reveal naked, taut skin, practically hairless except for the trail of soft down that led lower—into his jeans, where there was clearly something beginning. The engineer was too shocked by arousal to feel any anger.
“I mean it when you're not around,” he responded uncertainly, as if asking a question. Luc arched an eyebrow and rubbed a hand along his bare torso with distinctive self-admiration. Just in case Kurt doubted that his pants could get any tighter, his aching erection found out for him.
“Aren't you going to take my coat like the gentleman you're always pretending to be?” Luc queried. There was definite sarcasm peppering his tone. He removed his boots and tossed them onto the rug near the front door without once breaking eye contact. One by one, he was pushing Kurt's buttons. Since they had first met, he had always known where to push, and how hard. For the millionth time, the engineer wondered why he let him.
“What's the point, if you know I'm just pretending?” Kurt asked, not even bothering to correct Luc's misconception. For everyone else, he did pretend.
Luc smirked. In one swift motion, he dropped the coat to the floor. He stared at Kurt, almost sneering as he waited for his sex-toy’s legendary anal-retentive side to surface. Coat...wet from snow...on the floor...on the dry floor...on the just-waxed-today floor...A small spark of outrage threatened to turn into a full-fledged conflagration, but Kurt managed to steer clear of any more inflammatory thoughts. Plainly stated, he was horny as fuck. It'll dry.

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