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    Default I've been working!

    And I mean working.

    I actually have a paid for by the hour job.


    Hey it's not rocket science, it's really not that good at all but I spend my 38 hours a week doing cashier down at the local superstore and it brings in at least a little of da mulah.

    And I've written over 70,000 words in the last six weeks. Yay!

    Of course each plus has a down side, and the downside is I tend to write when I get home and don't get to play on the internet as much as I'd like. Hopefully that will change as I get more used to the aches, pains and wagepackets...

    Not to mention all the time spend taking Grandma around the doctors and hospitals

    The other good news is, or perhaps it isn't, is I'm now on facebook too. So you can find me here....

    If'n any of you guys use that thingummywotsits.

    Catch you later guys, Gotta hit the rest of the forum before the sleeping pills kick in

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