Pandora's Box by Kate Hill
(Erotic Science Fiction)
Coming soon from Ellora's Cave


Pandora Fourteen has been trained in the arts of seduction and assassination. To test her skills, she is ordered to seduce, ACT Corps officer Steel. Pandora and Steel had been raised in a lab and were inseparable until the government forced them apart. They are explosively attracted to each other when they meet again. To Pandora, seducing Steel is no longer an assignment, but when she decides to turn her back on her career to marry him, threats from her manipulative superior separate them once again.

After Pandora spurns Steel’s affection, he leaves the ACT Corps for a new life in the notorious Delilah Sector where he becomes an intergalactic bounty hunter. His all-consuming love for Pandora had nearly destroyed him. Yet when the government hires him to track down Pandora, who has disappeared before completing her latest assignment, he can’t resist the chance to see her again. Finally reunited, their lust burns hotter than the sun, but the past has left scars that might never be healed.


The sun shone brightly on the stretch of public beach several miles down the coast from ACT headquarters. At any other time Pandora would have enjoyed spending a few hours swimming in the ocean and lounging on the sand, but today was for business, not pleasure.

According to his schedule, Steel had leave time today. He hadn't applied to travel away from the city, so no doubt he would be spending the day at his favorite haunt--this particular beach. One would think a member of an aquatic military unit would want a break from water when he had the chance, but not someone of Searilla blood.

Pandora understood his fascination with the sea. She might look human, but the Searilla was inside her too. Her favorite pastime was swimming in the ocean. Many times she'd wished for Searilla lungs, but on deep dives she was forced to use oxygen apparatus.

No doubt Steel loved living here at one of the most beautiful beaches on the Laetez home world.

She couldn't control the butterflies in her stomach, stirred by the thought of seeing Marcus--Steel--again. Strange that she should still feel such a connection to a childhood friend. Yet under the circumstances it was understandable. They had been prisoners at Aquavalley, bonding in desperate circumstances.

Her boss, Re Lord, hadn't requested that she pretend to be someone else, only that she keep her status as a sexual assassin trainee secret. Perhaps he suspected Steel would recognize her, even after all these years. Re Lord was as perceptive as he was hateful. Pandora realized this made him all the more dangerous.

She stopped abruptly, all thoughts of Re Lord fleeing her mind.

It's him.

There was no mistaking Steel.

Like a mythical aquatic god he emerged from the frothy blue waves. Water gleamed on his tall, sleekly muscled body covered in multihued silvery flesh. His body was even more impressive than his photo had led her to believe. Lean and rangy but emanating power, he would have garnered attention even without his crossbreed characteristics.

Pandora generally preferred the look of older men, but in spite of his youth, Steel's body was developed to perfection and he carried himself with an air of maturity that she found incredibly attractive.

Just looking at him was like an optical overload. She couldn't decide what part of him was most gorgeous--those powerful shoulders, impressive biceps or his long, perfect legs. His tight black swim shorts left little to the imagination. Even from a distance she saw the enticing bulge of his cock straining against the wet fabric and she tingled with desire. She imagined licking his chiseled abs or snuggling close to his beautiful chest. She wondered how that faded scar on his pecs would feel against her cheek.

It amazed her that the ugly little boy she'd known had developed into this stunning creature. Yes his face was strange with its skeletal Draper structure that seemed at odds with his finely drawn Laetez mouth and rough Searilla flesh, but she found him oddly attractive.

She swallowed, her heart pounding, when she realized he was staring at her and heading in her direction. Thinking back to the conversation with Re Lord just a few days ago, she realized that even then she had suspected meeting Steel again would change her entire life.