Here's a naughty M/M vampire excerpt for you! Warning: the following passage contains EXTREME EROTICISM. Handle with care.

Title: MASTER Book 1: Crimson (1st installment in The MASTER Series)
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-328-9
Length: 67,000 Words
Genre: M/M Dark Fantasy / Erotica
loveyoudivine Category: His and His Kisses / Dark Fantasy
Rating: Supernova
Story Blurb: World-famous actor Gabriel Colin desperately wants to recruit Raiden, a beautiful singer, to co-star in his upcoming film. Beneath the angelic façade, however, Raiden harbors a deep secret—and a sharp set of fangs. Little does Gabriel realize what he’s getting into…or the price he will pay for his obsession.

Excerpt (Rated X): Bloodlust
*Note: The character named "the boy" is of legal age.

“Gabriel-san, where are we?”
“Does it matter?” Gabriel purred. He cupped the boy's cheek possessively between his thumb and first finger. They were in the backseat of his M3, parked in the most hidden area of a deserted parking garage. There was no one else in sight, and the lights were dim enough to bathe everything in a sultry glow. Gabriel had removed his coat, the heavy material suddenly suffocating him. He felt as faint as before, but this time, it was more from lust than from anything else. He hadn't been this hard since Raiden—
“Do you want me to suck it?” the boy panted, thankfully interrupting Gabriel's thoughts before they could further disturb him. He knelt submissively on the car seat. Gabriel smirked, running his middle finger along the outside of the boy's shapely mouth, grinning in satisfaction as his lips parted in pleasure.
“Shh. Just relax. I'm going to make you feel good. You want to feel good, don't you?” Gabriel teased, sliding one cold hand underneath the boy's shirt to tweak a perky nipple. The boy gasped, unable to conceal his reaction.
“What are you going to do?” he moaned, hips already undulating. Gabriel yanked his shirt upwards, removing it in one fluid motion and then tossed it on the seat beside him. Before the boy could even realize he was shirtless, Gabriel had removed his own as well.
“This,” Gabriel whispered, pressing their mouths together as he gently pushed the boy on his back. The taste of him was exquisite, like some fine, honeyed wine with traces of tart. Gabriel's mouth suddenly ached worse than it ever had before. His teeth were begging for something he didn't understand. With a prickle of fear, he broke the kiss. The boy reached hungrily for his own arousal, shocking Gabriel with his unabashed sensuality as he began to stroke himself through his pants.
“What else?” the boy gasped. He pulled his zipper down with practiced speed; unceremoniously shimmying his pants down to his ankles. To Gabriel's astonishment, the boy began to masturbate in front of him, squirming with each pull and thrust.
“Whatever you want,” Gabriel growled, releasing the leash of his control as he swatted the boy's hand to the side. With no further warning, he silenced the boy's intended protests with a quick tug to his erection. In the back of his mind, a tiny voice pleaded, Please, please stop before it's too late, but he cut its vocal chords before it had a chance to speak any more such blasphemy. He needed the boy, and more importantly, he needed release. As he continued to jerk the boy off, Gabriel pulled down his own pants to liberate his straining cock, which slapped against his muscled abdomen as it was freed. Moaning loudly, Gabriel settled himself between the boy's legs and suckled on the inside of his knee. The pulse there was so strong, so sweet. Belatedly, he realized the spicy scent of blood was fairly asphyxiating him with its potency.
The boy's entire body was heated to an amber shade in the muted lighting. His erection was positively engorged with blood, its bobbing stiffness reminding Gabriel of his own pressing need. Looking up, he met the boy‟s blurry eyes with uncontained desire.
“I can put my mouth anywhere you want me to. Anywhere,” Gabriel promised heatedly, moving his mouth towards the center of the boy's need to prove his point.
“Gabriel-san!” the boy cried, flinging his head from side to side in ecstasy, clutching the car‟s leather upholstery as if he wanted to tear it apart.
“Here?” Gabriel groaned, dragging his swollen lips closer and closer to the inside of his thigh. The boy bucked even more frantically, begging in a ragged tone that sent sharp sparks to the base of Gabriel's libido.
“Please, please, please…”
Gabriel carelessly raked his nails over the boy's jutting hipbones, reveling in the soft gasp of surprise that emanated from those parted petals. Those lips…that tongue…Oh, God, I'd make him blow me so deep. How Gabriel would love to shove his cock in and out of that mouth until it trembled around him with exhaustion and anticipation and pure want. What he would give to have those delicate throat muscles quivering underneath his forceful ministrations. He wanted to feel the minute-tears of flesh as his cock forced its way deeper and deeper down that tight passageway; to stifle the boy's scream as he exploded liquid fire into that velvety cavern. And then…and then…Gabriel licked a trail of sweat from the upper thigh to the inner, barely noticing the bruises his tongue was leaving in its wake.
The boy's pulse pounded faster, so fast Gabriel could almost smell the beats. The pulse had a song, and its lyrics were BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD! The need for it broke every
ounce of his resistance, and he finally lost control. Grasping the boy's jutting erection, Gabriel gripped the boy's thigh tightly with his other hand; dragged his nose along the skin, following the trail of the pulse to the femoral artery. The boy thrust up and down, frenzied by his touch, so close already.
“Please, Gabriel-san, please!”
One taste…just one taste…and then I'll be free.

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