This is my favorite scenes in all the books putting it under thebook title. It may be long but great and left me wanting more.

Page 213 *This is after Kade is already in Riley and Quinn is there*

"Perhaps no." He raised an eybrow, his expression, knowing mocking. 'But thereal question is, wold you like to see it now?"
"No." God, no.
His smile grew, and suddenly he was simply there, all around me, all through me, filling me with heat, filling me with passion. Wwhile it was Kaeds co** that thrust dep inside, it wasn't Kade I could feel. Wasn't Kade I could smell. It was Quinn. All Quinn. He touched me, caressed me, claimed me. Perhaps not physically, but in a way that was total, absolute, and unlike anything I'd ever felt before. In reality our flesh might not be joined, but it didn't matter, ecuase our spirits had comined and this dance went beyond intimacy, beyond mere pleasure.
It was all passion, heat, intensity and I was drowning in it. Willingly. Wantonly. My heart pounded furiously, my body screamed for release, and every muscle, every fiber, felt so tightly trung that everything would surely break.
Then everything did break and it was such a sweet, glorious relief that I wept. His fingers touched my wrist, holding lightly, then his teeth grazed my skin. I jerked reflexively when they pierced my flesh, but the bried flare of pain quickly became something undeniably exquisite, and I came a second time.

THEN IT GOES BLAH, BLAH BLAH. No offense but the one sentence that sticks ot after that is Quinn saying to Riley "One day you will be mine."

That eas my favorite scene how damnhot I wanted to jump in the book and jump him after that.