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    Cloud 9 Smashwords has Kindle/Sony versions!

    I've uploaded my book, No Turning Back, to Smashwords so those with Kindle and Sony readers can read it now, too! Thank you to those who have already checked out my site there and downloaded their copies!

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    Typing No Turning Back Characters move into Whispers at Ghost Point!!

    Thank you for stopping in to read about my English historical! I love the castles, dukes, dancing balls, gowns, ships, high sea adventures and pirates!

    As a common thread in all my books, second love and reincarnation seem to make their way in somehow. This is no different when I began my new book, Whispers at Ghost Point. I fell in love with the characters in No Turning Back and thought it would be fun to bring them back to life, 200 years later, in the present. Nathan and Vanessa get reincarnated and a ghost is dead set on interfering with their new found attraction to one another. They both feel the attraction to the past, are unsure why and again, its a second love for each of them.

    Nathan's character is a buyer/seller of large corporations who is recently divorced. Vanessa's character is a contractor who remodels buildings and does interior design. I won't say more but if you've not yet read No Turning Back, you may want to do so and become familiar with those characters and their backgrounds.

    I'm a sucker for a happy ending, although I do realize not all relationships end that way. There is a free read of Whispers HERE and you can also read Chapter One of No Turning Back there. The book trailer is HERE for No Turning Back...enjoy and please free to leave a post on this thread! Again, thank you so much for stopping in!

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    Typing NOW on SALE! .99 for No Turning Back

    .99 at your favorite online store!

    Now's your chance to read the novel that inspired my next book, Whispers at Ghost Point! The characters in No Turning Back are reincarnated into Whispers. Even though both books are stand alone romances, if you've read NTB, you'll recognize the characters in Whispers then.

    If you love England and more specific, London and castles, you'll love No Turning Back. You'll join the Duke of North Yorkshire as he travels the sea, fights the pirates and sweeps the women off their feet! Dream of those elegant English balls? You'll peek in on a few of them inside the book.

    Please share the links with your friends who enjoy historical romances and let them know about Whispers. Check my Contemporary category and read more about the November book tour and contests but first....grab YOUR copy of NTB for .99 and read it before you read Whispers!

    Thank you for stopping in to peek at the books!
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