I posted this in the Quinn thread first and then I go the idea to post our favorite scenes from each book (to read more go to the Quinn thread). This is one of my favorite scenes/descriptions:
As window dressings went, he was mighty damn fine.
Tonight he wore a navy shirt that emphasized the width of his shoulders and dark jeans that drew the eye down the lean, athletic length of his legs. His hair--once shoulder length but now cut shorter--was night dark, and so thick, so lush that my fingerstips itched with the need to run through it. Unlike most vampires, he could stand a lot of sunshine, so he was as far from white as a vampire could actually get, his skin possessing a warm almost golden glow. And to say that he was handsome would be the understatment of the year. I swear even angels would be envious of his looks, and yet he was in no way effeminate.

But it was his obsidian eyes that always caught me, and right now they were filled with a heat that instantly began to warm the chill from my skin.