I spent the afternoon at my favorite mall today and met up with a friend for lunch, a glass of wine and some chatter. Before I met my friend, I did some quick shopping.

Lingerie. I love the stuff, but Iíve been a good girl and havenít splurged for a while. I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my wallet and since there was a sale, I figured I couldnít go wrong. I couldnít believe how expensive everything was, even with thirty per cent off. Still, I managed to purchase a bra and matching panties in a pretty blue that looks good with my eyes. It was fun lingerie shopping, although Iím still reeling at the rising prices.

I also visited the Body Shop. The service is always good at the Body Shop and the assistant offered to help me straight away. I wanted to browse and politely told her so, but she kept talking and trying to sell me stuff. She was very pushy and I wasnít impressed at all. I never thought Iíd say it, but there is such a thing as being too helpful.

When was the last time you purchased lingerie? Is it a fun experience for you? Have you experienced the pushy, over-helpful shop assitant before?