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I haven't been to shop for lingerie because I can never fit it. LOL! Last time I shopped for a bra was a nightmare!

I have however, been to a store where the sales people were really pushy and that irked me. I've been back to that same store and others were really good about giving me space to look around. They gave a couple of suggestions before letting me be, but that was okay. I don't mind that, but when they stay on you like a hawk it bothers me.

I don't mind a few suggestions. That's really helpful. It's the shop assistants that make me feel like a criminal that irritate me - you know, the ones who peer over your shoulder and are half a step behind the entire time.

Luckily, I never have problems with lingerie sizes. Now if I changed that to shoes then I'd be grumbling - a lot! I have huge problems finding shoes to fit me.