Simon raced to the address and found Jimmy standing outside with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Well at least he wasn't smoking around the baby. Slowly exiting his car he closed the distance between them.

"I know you were bought. I just want to know why did you drag Kayleigh into this?"

Jimmy smirked. "I had to. Malcolm would have turned me in otherwise. Yeah, I know he was trying to bring me down. But you know what? I can't do it. I suppose you've got backup on the way?"

"I didn't tell them to send any. I told them I could handle this."

Just as he finished speaking several black vehicles with dark, tinted windows turned the corner. Damn but this was bad. "Honest Jimmy, I didn't tell them to come."

"I know you didn't Simon. I know it was Malcolm. Oh well, I guess I'm going down easy. No sense in causing a scene and chancing bullets hitting Kayleigh or the baby. Just one thing I ask of you...get Kayleigh and the kid away from Mal. This won't be the last time they are taken from him if you don't."

Simon nodded as Kayleigh came out of the house with the baby in her arms. "You have my word Jimmy. I'll take care of them both."