Just thought I'd let you have a peek at the mess you've gotten into this time.


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CTR’s Angels and the case of the Perilous Porn Stars

Prologue – The arrival.

“You’re probably all wondering why I brought you here.” Ferocious Furball said.

And he was right. I, Warrior Wolf, was dead curious to know why all four of us had been brought to Jeffersonville, Indiana to sit in a comfortable semi-circular couch in a dark room to look at a blank backlit screen. A screen with the silhouette of what, presumably, was the Supreme One on Top of the PIACT department.

I had just traveled thirty-six hours lounging in a spa inside a stretch limousine complete with wine bar, satellite TV and four very well muscled male masseuses. Each one having a particularly well endowed muscle that I’d enjoyed to great extent and was one reason why the journey took thirty-six hours instead of the usual eighteen—since the two chauffeurs had to take turns too. Sharing the spa, that is.

Lightning Lynx and Formidable Fox must have fared worse. I’d heard reports that their private jets had been almost shot down several times while circling over the white house, no one being able to reach any of the flight staff by radio. But then, having fourteen hunky and able stewards, two pilots and a bartender would have kept them well busy for the flight.

As for Omniscient Otter, she’d walked into the building with a glazed look on her face and a smile wide enough to split the empire state building in two.

“I know I’ve put you all through a lot of trouble…”

“Oh no, no trouble.” I murmured, echoing Fox and Lynx, Otter just grinned wider.

“…but it has come to our attention that several ruthless terrorists have entered the United States of America with the soul purpose of blowing up the world.”

I felt my blood chill, well cool off a bit. Just as well too, I’d started fantasizing about my recent journey, and my journey home, rather than concentrating on the work bit.

“We’ll stop them sir.” Fox snapped the words out. I could imagine her quite as easily leaping onto a plane with fourteen handsome strangers and taking off…

Hold on, I was drifting again.

“…every faith in you.” Furball was saying. “I have chosen you four because each of you has certain, attributes, which will aid in their capture and incarceration.” The coffee table in front of the couch beeped, flipped over and shot four manila envelopes out, one to each of us. Before flopping back and returning to normal. “The history and notes on each terrorist is in your files. Study them well, and be prepared for your missions by 00:01 hours on Friday.” The light behind the screen winked out and the one over our heads lit up dimly. The briefing was over.

“Oh, man, not Friday, that’s my drinking night.” Lynx moaned, fortunately not loud enough for Furball to hear.

“Only three days,” I said. “This one is going to be tough.” I’d been called out of early retirement for this mission and it loomed rather large at the moment.

“We can do it,” Lynx reassured me. “We’ll work as a team, all four of us taking out one terrorist at a time, what do you reckon girls?”

“I’m in,” I said gratefully.

“Me too,” Fox added.

Otter just grinned.