I just finished Angie's second book, "The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers", and I just love her writing style. It's kind of like a combination of Katie Mcalister's pseudonym Katie Maxwell's (Eyeliner of the Gods) style with Buffy the Vampire slayer, (combining Buffy and Willow, of course).
I suggest it for everyone's "To Read" list, and also would love to hear any suggestions, of similar authors, (my own "To Read" list is depleting ).
The first book is about a preschool teacher with a serious case of icy undies, Lizzie Brown. She reunites with her biological grandmother, who is a biker witch that reminds me so much of Anne Ramsey it's scary. While readying herself for her birthday party her grandmother locks her in the bathroom as a low-level demon pops up on her toilet, and she begins her transition into a demon slayer.
The second takes place almost immediately after the first, where Lizzied, deciding she's not content with her demon slayer training, or lack thereof, starts to write the manual on demon slaying, for the future slayers. Meanwhile, a nasty succubus, seduces her fairy god father, starts to snack on her man, and tries to raise hell in Sin City.