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    writersblock That wotsa thingy to find your way round... Index! yeah that's it!

    Okay guys, rather than try and get the threads to stick in the order I want them to, I'm just going to stick this one thread and link to the stories in the order that it would be best to read them.

    I mean, you wouldn't really get the full effect of Lethal Lions tale without having read the CTR angel's stories first. So anyway here goes, and keep your fingers crossed.

    Oh and here's a simple heat (that's sex to you) guide.

    No sex what-so-ever.
    Kinda cute and romancey.
    This is getting rather raunchy.
    So much sex it will burn your eyes out.

    Chapters One through Four
    CTR’s Angels and the Perilous Porn Stars

    Chapter Five
    Pictish Panda's Mission (unavailable)

    Chapter Six
    Scorpion's Sting

    Chapter Seven
    Lethal Lion Leaps into a Lavish Lair

    Chapter Eight
    Gentle Jaguar Enjoys the View

    Chapter Nine
    A Lively Lark with the CTR's Angels

    Just arrived!
    Chapter Ten
    Dynamic Drake Goes Down at the Devil's Reef
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