Hello. I'm a librarian in Louisiana, and I'm trying to track down a book for a patron. I was wondering if anyone in your forum could help. The patron can remember everything BUT the name of the book or the author: Any information you can provide would be VERY helpful.

It was set during the Napoleonic wars, and the male lead was a high ranking soldier in Napoleon's army. He captures/has prisoner a woman that upon their first meeting demands that he give her a child, because her husband cannot. She is accompanied by an elderly woman (lady's maid?), and after their first encounter, she is expecting. The story progresses as he is sent in to battle, and they continue to meet at various points. Eventually, into Russia they go, with the woman in tow. The man kills her husband, and she flees to Russia (Siberia) to have their child. He meets her there not too long after, and the story ends with their last encounter and her declaring that he just gave her another child. It was published between 1995-2001 by either Avon or Bellintine Books. The author includes much of her research, and notations. The book has a purple cover, with an inside flap of the "hero" sitting in a chair (White Bria's, purple sash, black hair). The author also includes a prologue to a squeal to the book, where the couple's oldest son is involved with a loose woman. I believe the book only has a one word title. The heroine's name begins with either a P or an S.

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