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Title: MASTER Book 2: Luna (2nd installment in The MASTER Series)
Author: Jane Bled
Genre: M/M Vampire Erotica/Dark Fantasy
Rating: 18+
Release Date: TBD (Luna is a WIP)
Story Blurb:
In MASTER Book 2: Luna, celebrity vamps Gabriel and Raiden run into mulitiple obstacles while filming the movie Luna Sunset. The sexual tension between them reaches excrutiating levels, but for the sake of their careers, they must keep their attraction--and bloodlust--hidden. Some secrets, however, are hard to maintain--especially under the heat of a California sun, surrounded by tempting mortal treats; the nearest source of blood a mere heart-beat away...

18+ Excerpt: The Reunion
Raiden made his way toward the parking lot, staying beneath the covered walkway until it ended. He prepared to open his umbrella, but Gabriel suddenly manifested in front of him. Startled, he dropped the umbrella. Gabriel laughed.
"You sure scare easily."
"Get bent," the singer hissed, stalking into the rain. Right now, he really didn't give a shit if he got wet or not. It's not like I'll get sick, he thought with a bitter grin. Gabriel picked up the umbrella and opened it. He quickly fell in step with his new co-star.
"You forgot this," he said, gesturing with the umbrella.
"Like I give a shit," Raiden barked, moving faster. The actor kept up with his quick pace.
"Lovely mood you're in."
Raiden stopped walking and angrily faced him.
"You know you're not supposed to manifest in public. What if someone saw you?"
Gabriel pursed his lips, then took a step forward.
"Why do you care? And don't tell me it's because you're afraid of getting caught, because you're not the one who manifested."
"How do I know you wouldn't rat me out?"
"Like anyone would believe me?" Gabriel retorted, furrowing his eyebrows.
Raiden grasped his free arm.
"This is serious, Gabriel. I didn't turn you to watch you get caught."
As soon as the words had left his mouth, Raiden realized he had revealed too much. Gabriel's expression turned thoughtful.
"Why didn't you just tell me you missed me?" he asked softly. Raiden removed his hand and backed up a couple of feet. The day's surreal turn of events had left him somehow defenseless. Instead of admitting the truth—that he had missed Gabriel, that a part of him wanted the younger vampire to come back—he plastered on a smirk.
"Same reason why I don't fuck you up the ass."
Gabriel crossed his arms.
"Because I don't allow you to?"
"Because I never cared to try."
Gabriel walked over to him.
"Well, that's a bold-faced lie. We both know all about your sexual experiments. In fact, I was the unfortunate subject of your latest one, unless I missed something in the last couple of weeks."
Raiden tittered. Unfortunate subject? Didn't seem all that unfortunate to from where I was sitting.
"Just because I gave you a hand-job—which by the way, you practically begged me for—doesn't mean I want to fuck the place that used to—"
"Then what do you want to do?" Gabriel interrupted. His tone spoke of impatience, and, to Raiden's surprise, arousal. Too late, he realized that their bodies were much closer than they should be. Before he could give in to temptation, the singer stepped to the side, retreating to the safety of the sidewalk. The rain settled into his bones, chilling him.

"It's fucking freezing out," he said, hugging himself.
"It's almost summer," Gabriel mused. He strolled beside his maker, positioning the umbrella over their heads, shielding them both from the rain. Raiden swallowed a sudden lump in his throat before broaching a topic that had kept his curiosity for the past two weeks.
"Well, I guess you're just more well-fed than I am. The more you drink, the less you feel the cold. Speaking of which, how are you doing it?"
Gabriel stopped in his tracks. The color drained out of his already-pale face.
"I don't know what you mean."
"Feeding yourself, moron," Raiden explained. He watched Gabriel's expression very carefully. It was controlled, but something wild was beneath it…something like fear. His eyes, however, were blazing with anger.
"Well, as you're so fond of saying…it's none of your goddamned business," the actor muttered, throwing the umbrella to the ground. Raindrops drizzled down onto Raiden's head, but he didn't really notice. So I've hit a sore spot.
"I suppose that's fair. Just remember not to fuck it all with some amateurish mistake. After all, you've barely been a vamp for over a month. You're a fucking newborn."
"Luckily, I'm a fucking survivor, too," Gabriel spat, impatiently flicking wet bangs out of his eyes. "Your guidance is unnecessary. Not to mention, you almost got both of us killed."
"Nobody's perfect."
"You've absolutely proven that."
"Look in the mirror."
"How many times do I have to say it? I don't need you for anything."
"Except this ridiculous fucking movie that you goaded me into making!" the singer half-shouted.
"That's different. My acquisition of nourishment is a private matter," Gabriel countered. Raiden shook his head.
"Not if it puts our secret at risk."
"I've got it under control." The actor looked off into the distance.
"Don't count your chickens, Brie," Raiden warned. "You're not ready to—"
"It's been lovely catching up with you, Raiden. Stop by anytime you want a good ass-kicking," Gabriel interrupted. The older vampire was fairly enraged by this sudden dismissal, but he probably shouldn't make a scene. Anyone could be watching. Out of nowhere, Gabriel hugged him. Raiden looked around, utterly confused by this turn of events, but the tell-tale snap of a distant camera told him all he needed to know. Standing at the edge of the parking lot was one of the myriad paparazzi he encountered almost daily when in public. He rolled his eyes, then made a mental note to have Matsuda pay the asshole up to five grand for the picture. The singer simply wasn't ready to make the front page of the tabloids yet.
"If you don't stay out of my personal life, I'll splatter your blood all over this town," Gabriel whispered. For a brief second, he held the singer closer. Raiden laughed.
"Maybe I did miss you a little," he admitted, inhaling his creation's scent. That one-of-a-kind smell could only come from angels; from demons.
To Raiden's secret delight, he noticed Gabriel couldn't help smiling as they said their goodbyes. Raiden's own grin was wider than it had been in a while. They went their separate ways: the actor to his limo, Raiden to his car. A childish sort of excitement bounced inside him. He felt reborn, but he didn't know why, nor did he particularly care to discover the reason. It was nice just feeling good for a change. He headed over to the summerhouse, where he had lived since Gabriel had left.
Later, to celebrate their reunion, he bought himself to a dime of chronic off a former dealer, who had been surprised by his phone call. Raiden couldn't remember the last time he had smoked pot, but he knew it had been at least a year ago. He wasn't a big stoner, but he had definitely blazed a few times back in his very early twenties. A few tokes were all he needed to allow his thoughts to float so that they didn't compact each other. Another perk to vampirism was that marijuana had almost the same effect on him as when he had been human. The high was slightly stronger, but he experienced none of the paranoia. It was mellow.
Ready to toke, the vampire pulled a plump joint out of his cigarette case and lit it. He sank into the cushions of the couch and inhaled the green, tasting its sticky tang, reveling in the warm buzzing that blanketed his head in blissful numbness. At least there were some human pleasures in which he could still indulge without consequence to his vampire genetics. When he had smoked the last of the joint, he stubbed out its remnants in the ashtray and lay face-down on the couch. His eyes closed automatically, and he spread his legs, relaxing. After spending a few minutes in this position, listening to the soft drumming of the rain and his steady pulse, he started to feel horny. Blood thrummed to his cock; his balls ached. Squirming a little when his erection brushed the couch, Raiden turned over on his back. He cupped and stroked his cock through the material of his pants for a few minutes, enjoying the friction of fabric and skin. He fantasized about the night he had given Gabriel pleasure. The memory was strong enough to feel real, like something he could touch.
Raiden removed his shirt, and slid his pants down his legs. He looked down to watch his stomach caving in and out with each breathe, the muscles tight and defined below the skin. His cock was swollen, and so hard, it hurt. He grabbed his erection, moaning as he masturbated. Pre-cum pulsed from the slit, slickening his shaft; speeding his pace. Gasping, he let his thighs fall completely open, and he started to thrust his hips. With his free hand, he pinched any inch of flesh he could reach. Every sensation felt so dirty, so radiant. Like Gabriel. Though Raiden had tainted him, Gabriel had managed to retain the slightest ounce of purity. Whenever that trace of innocence surfaced, it always succeeded in arousing Raiden to the point of painful stiffness. Today had been no exception.
Sweat burst from his pores. He really started to let loose, thrusting his hips faster, crying out his pleasure like a regular whore. Gabriel, please. A sudden sadness choked him. Come back. Swallowing hard, Raiden came; eyes screwed shut, mouth hanging slack. His hand was covered in slick, hot juice so potent, he could smell it. So this is what I do to you? A phantom Gabriel teased him. Groaning, Raiden rolled over on his stomach, too knocked out from his orgasm to even consider cleaning himself; filled with the melancholy of empty pleasure.

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