My latest release, Make That Man Mine comes out at Elloraís Cave later today. Make That Man Mine is an erotic romance set in New Zealand and features a special shifter called a taniwha. To learn more about taniwhas check out my most recent Thursday Thirteen, which is all about the creatures.

I interviewed George Taniwha, the owner and founder of George Taniwha & Sons, a private investigating company. Heís rather pleased with himself because heís allocated a new case to Jack Sullivan. Itís a two-man case and Jack isnít keen on the idea of a partner. Heís even less pleased when he learns his prospective partner is Emma Montrose, a rookie.

Hereís the interview:

Catherine Bybee invited me to visit her today. Iím over at her blog and giving away a download of Make That Man Mine. I hope to see you there!