some of the points I was going to discuss in chat were about how the main character was keeping his new life a secret, for instance:
We continue on our path of lies to cover up the last one.>>
Dan closes his eyes and clinches his teeth to keep from screaming. Dr. Jackson dabs the remaining antiseptic with a sterile piece of gauze. “Did you catch the dog that did this?” Jessie holds the wastebasket out for the doc to drop the spent gauze into.
“I killed it.” Dan screams out from the sting of the antiseptic.
“Good.” Dr. Jackson waits for the antiseptic to dry a little before he lays on a clean piece of gauze on top of the wound. Opening a sterile packet of sutures, he continues, “Bring in the head of the animal so we can check it for rabies.”
“Can’t, I cremated the animal.” Lying to cover his tracks, Dan knows he couldn’t bring in the head of a human without being arrested for murder. No one would believe his story.