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    Default Hawaii Moon


    released from Liquid Silver Books!
    get it here!

    She found the man of her dreams in Hawaii… until a Hawaiian curse brought her nightmares to life.

    When perfumer Jessica Halston is hired to create a fragrance embodying the beauty of the tropics, she heads to Hawaii on the research trip of her dreams. Amidst the tiki idols and moonlight, she’s hoping for a little romance – but nothing prepares her for the dark and sexy Dr. Jet Atwood, an anthropologist devoted to preserving the magic and superstition of the islands.

    A firelit beach ceremony ignites sparks of passion for Jessica and Jet. But while they’re burning up the sensual Hawaiian nights with white-hot lust, Jessica’s arrogant boss is burning with jealousy. Determined to come between them, he frames Jessica for an outrageous insult to the goddess Pele – and unleashes a cavalcade of furious Hawaiian ghosts and gods.

    Overnight Jessica’s life becomes a desperate attempt to escape long-dead Hawaiian warriors, malicious forest spirits and one very angry goddess. To lift the curse and save her life, she must persuade Jet’s paranormal researchers of her innocence – and persuade Jet to return to her open arms.

    Warning: graphic sexual situations, bondage, exhibitionism.
    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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    Default Excerpt 1 - adult!

    Excerpt 1 from HAWAII MOON

    Lacing his fingers through hers, Jet pulled her off the trail and through the brush. Silvery-green leaves, damp with moisture, brushed her face. “Close your eyes, Jessica.”

    She obeyed, stumbling along behind him. An odd roar filled her ears and her face was growing wet. Was it raining?

    “Okay, you can open them.”

    The sight that greeted her eyes was like a scene from paradise. A forty-foot waterfall roared over a mossy green cliff, pouring down into a clear mountain pool. “Wow... just wow,” she breathed reverently.

    Jet jumped onto the banks of the pool. Giving her a devilish smile, he pulled his shirt over his head. A foolish grin unfurled across her face as she viewed his perfectly taut surfer’s torso. He followed by unbuttoning his pants and letting them fall to the ground. Now he stood only in pale blue boxer-briefs, his tanned legs affecting her like a taunt. Then, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear, he slowly pushed them down his hips until his cock sprang out, already rigid with need.

    “Your turn,” he said.

    Aroused as she was by Jet’s bronzed nakedness, she couldn’t help but wonder if someone would come by. She would never strip naked outside and have sex in New York—let alone in the middle of the day. But this was Hawaii, she reminded herself, and Jet seemed perfectly relaxed. With nervous fingers, she began to pull off her pink t-shirt.

    “Wait,” Jet said. “Turn around while you undress. It’s sexier.”

    She looked quizzically at him, but complied. She turned to face away from him as she finished pulling her shirt over her head. Somehow knowing someone behind her was watching made her even more self-conscious. She slowly stepped out of her shorts and then paused, experiencing the odd sensation of standing in her bra and panties in the middle of a Hawaiian rainforest, but she knew she had to keep going. Her fingers shaking, she unhooked her bra and dropped it on the grass. The sun beating on her bare tits was breathtakingly erotic. Taking a deep breath, she pushed down her panties and kicked them aside, knowing Jet was now watching her naked bottom.

    “Ta-dah,” she said, whirling around with her arms out.

    Jet was nowhere to be seen.

    She frowned and covered her breasts with her arms. “Uh—Jet?”

    The grassy slopes of the mountain pool were empty. She looked around in confusion. She would have heard a splash if he had gone in the pool or a rustle if he headed back into the brush. Where was he?

    She tiptoed over to the clear green pool. The waters were clean enough to reveal that Jet was not underwater holding his breath. Nor was he hiding anywhere on the sun-baked grass. She glanced around again, feeling more exposed and foolish than she ever had in her life. The only sound in the hot afternoon was the roaring waterfall.

    Ah yes. The waterfall.

    She ran over the wet rocks to the plummeting waters. The roar was louder here and the mist flying off the water coated her skin and hair with a cool armor of drops. Holding onto the slippery moss-covered rock for support, she slipped in behind the waterfall. Here was a small stone enclave that was cool and smooth and shadowy.

    “Gotcha,” Jet said and pushed her against the wet rocks to deliver the gift of his hot mouth.

    Jessica opened her lips in avid reception as his tongue slid over hers. Leaning back against the cave wall, she passively received his kiss for as long as she could stand it, reveling in his mouth’s sensual exploration of hers. Little tremors snaked down her skin as her excitement mounted. Jet brushed his lips back and forth over hers, awakening a sensitivity she hadn’t known possible. Then he lightly bit her mouth. A rush of arousal unfurled through her lower body.

    The roar of the waterfall was the only sound. Its mist fell on her body like a cool and ephemeral veil, making the rising heat of her blood feel all the more intense. She stretched up her arms to grab the rock overhead, her breasts lifting to look their firmest, and was rewarded by Jet’s caress, his thumbs moving over her nipples until she moaned.

    “You look so hot like that,” he whispered into her mouth. “Spread your legs for me.”

    She complied. She could feel an aching wetness between her legs that had nothing to do with the waterfall humidity and everything to do with a yearning need to be penetrated.
    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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    Default Awesome Review from Coffee Time !!

    Color me a happy author... Coffee Time Romance gave me a wonderful 5 Cup Review for Haunted in Hawaii!

    http://www.coffeeti meromance. com/BookReviews/ Hauntedinhawaii. html

    A snippet:

    "An outstanding read and one that will have you watching the woods closely at night. Ms. Wilde brings Hawaii to life for those of us that have never had the pleasure of visiting. She describes the scenery and the complete exotic beauty through vivid, yet graceful wording. I loved the history that is all through this book and find that there is much more to Hawaii than I thought. The sex is as hot and steamy as a humid night on the beach, but utterly satisfying. I was thrilled with the characters and very happy with the ending. Ms. Wilde has written another awesome book."

    Thank you, Liadan, for such a lovely review!

    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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    Default Re-released!

    Haunted in Hawaii has just been re-released by LSB as Hawaii Moon. New and improved and even more luscious than before, this is the tale of sensual island nights and a supernatural adventure starring Polynesian ghosts, the goddess Pele.... and a very sexy surfer-professor named Jet.

    Here's another excerpt:

    Jet’s home was plush, modern and high-tech. Black leather sofas faced a massive flat-panel TV that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a theatre. A stone fireplace waited at one end of the room, a wet bar at the other. Yes, the rows of academic books were there, but they were stacked impressively in chrome and steel bookcases.

    Jessica turned to him. His black eyes were speculative, running over the curves of her body. “Are you thirsty? Hungry? Need to answer nature’s call?”

    She shook her head with a smile.

    “Great. Then get naked this instant.”

    The abrupt command took her by surprise. She repeated it mentally in her head to make sure she had understood him. Jet had yet to even kiss her deeply tonight and being ordered to strip like a slave was just a bit demeaning. “Jet… come on.”

    A calculated mischief danced in his eyes. “No excuses, Jessica,” he said, snapping his fingers. “Naked. Now."

    She didn’t like being told what to do by anyone, especially her new lover. Yet at the same time it seemed silly to refuse just to show she could. With a shrug, she unbuttoned her blouse, then folded it on the couch. She was intent on showing him that this was not a big deal, that she could disrobe on command without batting an eyelash. Yet her hands shook with something as she unhooked her blue satin bra – excitement or shyness, she wasn’t sure which.

    His eyes lingered hotly on her nipples. “Keep going.”

    Swallowing her annoyance, she pulled down her shorts and panties and stepped out of them. Now she was nude, totally nude and vulnerable in a strange house. It sent an odd quiver through her pussy.

    Jet’s black eyes danced with a gleam that took her aback. Then he suddenly reached forward with a length of black satin she hadn’t noticed before.

    She panicked. “What are you doing?”

    “Blindfolding you. You’ll like it.”

    “No! Jet, I –“

    He waited for her argument. Yet as she tried to think frantically of a reason not to, her mind went blank.

    “I know you like to be in control, Jessica,” Jet said gently. “But tonight we’re going to do something different.”

    This time she allowed him to tie the black satin sash around her eyes, securing it with a strong knot behind her head. Naked and blind in this new home, she felt more exposed and vulnerable than ever.

    Jet took her hand. “Follow me.”

    Led through the house, a host of new sensations opened up to Jessica – the draft of the air conditioner hardening her nipples, and the rough brush of an armchair as she grazed it with her thigh. When she accidentally walked into a doorway, the coldness of the hinges pressing into her breasts made her realize how excited and feverish her skin had become.

    Jet pushed her down into a chair. She could tell it was polished wood by the cool smoothness under her bare bottom.

    Then he took her hands and brought them behind the chair. As he tied her wrists together, she panicked again. “Jet!”

    “Jessica – you don’t have to be in control all the time. Don’t you trust me?”

    Trust? she wanted to yell. She didn’t trust anyone. She was independent, a lone wolf who depended on no one and trusted no one. A loner who’d been making her way in the world without any help from anyone. Why didn’t he get that?

    And yet slowly the realization dawned that she did trust Jet. Despite their brief acquaintance, she somehow knew that he was a good, strong man. Not only was he intelligent and sexy, but he had an honorable, dependable character.

    Somehow that was more terrifying than if he had been another shallow asshole like Travis Ferguson.

    “I trust you,” she said meekly.

    “Good. Then we’re ready to begin.”

    She heard a rustle of paper and the rattle of drawers. She didn’t know which room she was in but when she felt a cold breeze dance across her feet, she guessed she was near a refrigerator.

    Then Jet was back, the heat of his body electrically palpable on her naked skin. Something warm brushed her arm, solid and graced with hair; his thigh or maybe his forearm. Blindfolded, she couldn’t tell. Something harder parted her knees, perhaps one of his. Then the hot smooth feel of his erection brushed over her tits and she realized that he had stripped naked too.

    She knew just how mouthwatering his penis must look right now only inches from her hands and mouth and she jerked helplessly against her bonds with frustration.
    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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