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She found the man of her dreams in Hawaii… until a Hawaiian curse brought her nightmares to life.

When perfumer Jessica Halston is hired to create a fragrance embodying the beauty of the tropics, she heads to Hawaii on the research trip of her dreams. Amidst the tiki idols and moonlight, she’s hoping for a little romance – but nothing prepares her for the dark and sexy Dr. Jet Atwood, an anthropologist devoted to preserving the magic and superstition of the islands.

A firelit beach ceremony ignites sparks of passion for Jessica and Jet. But while they’re burning up the sensual Hawaiian nights with white-hot lust, Jessica’s arrogant boss is burning with jealousy. Determined to come between them, he frames Jessica for an outrageous insult to the goddess Pele – and unleashes a cavalcade of furious Hawaiian ghosts and gods.

Overnight Jessica’s life becomes a desperate attempt to escape long-dead Hawaiian warriors, malicious forest spirits and one very angry goddess. To lift the curse and save her life, she must persuade Jet’s paranormal researchers of her innocence – and persuade Jet to return to her open arms.

Warning: graphic sexual situations, bondage, exhibitionism.