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    Default Prime Passions - No Strings Attached

    I'm excited to announce a new anthology coming out in July called PRIME PASSIONS. If the title makes you think of sexy women in their prime - women who know who they want and how to seduce them - well, then you're right! Bonnie Dee and Vivien Dean are the other authors in this book and I can tell you that their stories are fantastic.

    Although I said I was done with the Older Woman/Younger Man theme, I did write this one.... and it's a good one. Read on for the blurb!

    Raised in a stifling religious environment, placing an online sex ad is something Corey Jamison never thought she’d do. But getting divorced has left her eager to explore her fantasies, particularly those kinky ones she’d be too embarrassed to tell a serious boyfriend. Finding a non-judgmental stranger to dominate her sounds like the perfect solution.
    At twenty-six, Donovan Halloran is too young and too good-looking to take seriously. Naturally dominant, he seems like the perfect candidate to help her live out her secret desires. But their erotic adventures lead both of them into dangerous emotional territory--and soon Corey finds that Donovan has claimed her heart along with her body.

    Coming in mid July!>>
    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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    Default Cover

    I absolutely LOVE this cover and had to post it....

    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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    Excerpt One:

    Corey slipped into her home office. It wasn’t unusual for her to put in a few hours at night but that wasn’t her intention tonight. I’m just looking, she reminded herself. Grant and I will laugh about this tomorrow.

    In the light of her green-shaded banker's lamp, she fired up her laptop and went through the responses to her ad first with excitement, then astonishment, then disappointment.

    Grant wasn't kidding when he said the guys would fall short of her standards. Apparently in the online world, “physically fit, healthy and good-looking” translated to sloppy, out of shape and arrogant. Most of the men had obeyed her request for photos; half were faceless nude pictures. The other half ranged from blurry cell phone pictures to outdoor manly poses leaning against a sports car or holding up a beer. None of them struck her as men she would be attracted to. Each one had something about him, from gaudy jewelry to a bad haircut, to turn her off.

    Some emails were downright crude. She shuddered and hit the delete key. Why did these guys have to sound so vulgar? Yes, she was looking for noncommittal sex, but that didn’t mean she wanted someone who talked like a bad porn movie. Sighing, she went through a new batch.

    Hi, my name is Donovan and I’m 26. NSA sex sounds like a dream come true for me as I have no desire for a relationship at this time. I’m healthy, good-looking and not a psychopath. We can do this at whatever pace makes you feel comfortable.A literate, sensible email. How startling. She opened the attached photo.

    Deep sea-blue eyes met hers in confidence that bordered on a challenge. His thick wavy hair was a golden shade of bronze, the kind that had been blond in his boyhood but had since darkened. He was clad casually in jeans and a button-down shirt but the carved muscles of his forearms hinted at a well-sculpted physique. She read the rest of his email. I’m not looking for Mrs. Robinson or a sugar mama but I've always wanted to be with someone older as it seems mature women don’t play games and know what they want. That’s very attractive. He included his phone number and Instant Messenger screen name.

    “Jackpot,” she whispered.

    She returned to studying his saucy little smile. Such perfect lips. Such golden-hued skin. He looked like a preppy, tousled-haired Adonis. Could this guy be for real? No, this had to be fake. Someone so gorgeous wouldn’t have to troll online sites for sex. This was probably a stolen photo. And even if it wasn’t--he was only twenty-six. Twelve years younger than her. Why would a young hottie like that want a woman her age?

    Corey glanced at her own photo, taken on the beach with Mia and Adam, on her desk. She’d taken good care of herself over the years, and her peaches and cream complexion showed it. Her long glossy chestnut hair, delicate features and wide green eyes had always turned heads. Surely no one thought that she, of all people, would post an online ad. It sounded so... desperate. Yet what people didn’t understand was how hard it was to achieve the no-strings part. She was hardly the bar-hopping type and none of the single men she knew appealed to her. Even if they had, it would be just too awkward to say: “Um, I don’t want to have dinner with you or listen to you complain about your job. I just want to have sex with you, okay?” Besides--she wasn’t looking for just regular sex. She wanted someone to do all those dirty things to her she’d always dreamt about, the kind of naughty acts she’d be too ashamed to bring up with an actual boyfriend. This was the safest way to do it.

    So maybe, just maybe, Mr. Gorgeous wanted the same things she did. In any case, she had to take the chance. Young or not, he was too mouthwatering to pass up.

    The next day at work, Corey showed some of the emails to Grant. Together they snickered over their crudeness and predictability. Without a word, she brought up Donovan’s email.

    “Oh hey, this one sounds actually normal,” Grant said after reading it. “Did he include a picture?”

    She opened it up.

    Grant was speechless for a moment. “Wow,” he said. “Look at him--it’s like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp had a baby!”

    She laughed. “You don’t think he’s a little too pretty? Come on, this guy has to have women after him wherever he goes.”

    “And they’re probably all trying to get a ring on their finger,” Grant pointed out. “You’re offering NSA sex. Follow up with this one--my instincts tell me he’s worth it.”

    Corey fiddled with her earring. After a moment, she admitted to what was bothering her. “He’s twenty-six, Grant. I’ll be thirty-nine next March.”

    “And he likes the idea.”

    “Yeah, but... I’m in good shape, but I’m not exactly twenty. I’ve had two kids. He’s probably used to sleeping with girls with flat little tummies and perky boobs--”

    “Corey, you’re gorgeous. If I was straight, I’d nail you seventeen ways to Sunday.” He rumpled her hair. “Quit making excuses and answer his email. This is the guy. It’s great that he’s too young. This way, you won’t get attached.”

    That made sense. With a nervous flutter in her stomach, she looked back at the picture. A curious pang echoed inside her. After the sexual starvation of her recent years, it was hard to believe she could have such a beautiful young man naked in bed with her...
    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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    Default and it's out!

    Released today! You can get it here.

    And here's a naughty excerpt to get your blood up...

    They followed a cobblestone path to an unlit bungalow. Music filtered into the night from some of the surrounding cottages. Love Motel, Corey thought in a daze. This looks more like a kinky summer camp. Yet their bungalow was nothing like the cabins of her youth, she saw as they flipped on the light.

    A contrived rainforest waited before them, with foliage, flowers and animals painted onto the walls. A thick dark green carpet was supposed to suggest grass, apparently, and the black circular bed was adorned with leopard-spotted throw pillows. Dominating the room was a fake, massive tree built into the wall.

    Corey walked around the bungalow in stunned silence. Juxtaposed with the jungle décor were normal amenities, such as a widescreen TV and a small refrigerator. In one corner was a black hot tub. She turned around and stared at Donovan.

    “Okay,” he admitted moodily. “It’s awful.”

    He looked so crestfallen that she almost told him she loved it. “You think?” She flipped a wall-mounted switch. A rhythmic booming filled the bungalow, wild bird calls and insect noises following the drumbeats.

    They looked at each other and burst into laughter. Together all of their tension and fears flooded out of them as the sheer vulgar absurdity of the room hit them both. As a Tarzan call echoed through the room, Corey collapsed on the black velvet bedspread, tears of hilarity leaking from her eyes. “This can’t be happening. I can’t be in a jungle-themed love motel with some kid I met in an online sex site.”

    He fell next to her on the bed. “Kid! Take that back.” He poked her stomach.

    “Hey! No poking my soft spots.” She adjusted her dress.

    “Then don’t call me a kid.” He leaned over and pinned her wrists to the bed. One knee deftly parted her legs until her skirt stretched tight. “And poking your soft spots is exactly what I intend to do, by the way.”

    A little throb of excitement went through her. But she didn’t want to succumb to his spell so easily tonight. “That’s what you think.” She yawned in his face.

    To her astonishment, he released her and sat up. “Okay.” He got off the bed and began rifling through his leather bag.

    Slowly she sat up, confused and more than a little disappointed. She adjusted her dress and smoothed her hair. Didn’t he understand she was playing a game?

    Apparently not. He pulled out a blanket and some clothes from the bag, tossing them on the dresser, then some other items she couldn’t see. Ripping his shirt off, he tossed that on the dresser too and headed for the bed. His blue eyes were nonchalant and so she wasn’t prepared when he swiftly cuffed her wrists behind her back and marched her across the room to the giant fake tree.


    “No talking.” He lifted up her arms and attached her wrists to the tree limbs before she realized it. Then, to her massive indignation, he placed a bit in her mouth before undoing her dress and throwing it up around her neck.

    Being rudely gagged and stripped down to her new lingerie took her aback. She’d planned on being undressed slowly, surprising Donovan with the naughty slits in her black lace bra and panties, and her sexy thigh-high stockings. On display like this, she really did feel like a harlot, her nipples hard and poking through the fabric openings. Even worse, Donovan didn’t seem affected. Instead he grabbed a long rod from the bag, knelt down and spread her legs wide, fixing them apart with a spreader bar. The cold metal locked around her and forced her legs open, spreading her crotchless panties until she could feel the motel room draft brushing over her excited pussy. Her cheeks flamed with embarrassment and arousal.

    Donovan still knelt before her, his face only inches from her sex. Dammit, why wasn’t he responding to her displayed charms? She was burning for his tongue on her inflamed flesh. Yet he only stood up and casually tweaked her stiff nipples. “Thump if it’s an emergency. Otherwise I don’t want to hear a peep from you.”

    How dare he? Here she was tied up and half-naked like an erotic offering and he was completely indifferent to her. As a further outrage, he began rifling through a stack of DVDs by the TV. “Hmm... Eurosluts... MILF and Cookies... Oh, this looks decent. Tales From The Dungeon.”

    To Corey’s incredulity, he slipped in the dirty movie and fell back on the bed to watch it as if she weren’t in the room. Casually he slid down his jeans, reclining in his gray boxer-briefs like a beautiful young underwear model. Just the sight of him on the bed, so buff, mouthwatering and inaccessible, incited a melting warmth between her legs. Her eyes flickered between the movie, where a blindfolded and bound woman was being caressed by a silent Italian man, and Donovan. Truly he was the better show. He spread his hard thighs, drawing the band of his underwear tight over his stiff cock. Casually he palmed its engorged head, uttering a little noise that Corey recognized as a sign of deepening lust. As the actress in the movie moaned out her orgasm, he slid off the boxer-briefs and began to stroke his shaft.

    Oh god. His athletic young body looked even more perfect at this distance. Never had she wanted to touch a man so badly. Untie me, you cocky bastard! Her nipples ached, her clit buzzed excitedly between her legs, yet she couldn’t even touch herself.

    “Oh yeah...” Donovan was jacking off faster. If he came, and wasted his orgasm without her, she would never forgive him. Yet just as his azure eyes filled with that dazed bliss she knew so well, he rose and walked to her. He wasn’t smiling now. Raw lust had transformed his perfect face.

    “So,” he said, circling each of her exposed nipples with one agile fingertip, “are your soft spots still off limit?”

    She shook her head furiously, her eyes locked on his.

    He slipped a hand between her thighs, gently tickling her clit. “Good. Because I think your soft spots are dying for me right now. Aren’t they.”

    She nodded just as furiously. She was soaking wet with arousal and every cell in her body was dying for his fingers to slip inside her. But Donovan only toyed with her clit until she felt she would burst.

    He removed the bit from her mouth. His eyes burned. “Beg me.”

    Her tongue was so dry she could barely move it. “Fuck me,” she whispered in a voice gone hoarse with desire. “Please, please fuck me...”

    Donovan sheathed himself. Tense with need, Corey waited expectantly for that divine sensation of his cock pushing inside her. Instead a faintly sadistic smile spread over his face. Teasingly he rubbed the head of his cock over her sex, over and over until she groaned with frustration.

    “Please,” she begged again. Her thighs strained to capture him but the spreader bar held her legs far apart. Lust and desperation rose inside her in a wild mix as he continued the sweet torment of his cock barely grazing her pussy.

    “Tell me,” Donovan commanded softly. “Tell me what you want.”

    “I want… I want you to fuck me.” When he only arched an eyebrow, she swallowed and continued. “I want you to fuck me hard. Like you’re never going to stop. I want you to dominate me and make me your slave and use my body like a toy… Oh please….”

    Donovan positioned his erection right at her entrance. He pushed into her just an inch, just until she squirmed with anguish for more. Lightly he slapped her breasts back and forth. “Keep going.”

    “I want you to throw me on the bed and fuck me all night long. I want you to put me over your knee and pull down my underwear and spank me. I want…”

    Slowly Donovan pushed inside her, an inch at a time. At that unforgettable sensation, she closed her eyes and whimpered. Her entire body began to shake as if a storm inside was breaking her apart.

    “You want to lose control,” Donovan whispered and thrust all the way inside her.
    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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    Default 4 Cup Review from Coffee Time!

    Coffee Time gave it a lovely 4 Cup review!

    "A woman who knows what she wants but is afraid to ask, and a man who takes what he wants with no questions asked make for one sizzling hot couple. Corey and Donovan are the perfect match if they can get past their emotional boundaries long enough to see it.... These awesome couples blow away the stereotypes of older women and younger men."

    Read the rest here:
    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!

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