I'm excited to announce a new anthology coming out in July called PRIME PASSIONS. If the title makes you think of sexy women in their prime - women who know who they want and how to seduce them - well, then you're right! Bonnie Dee and Vivien Dean are the other authors in this book and I can tell you that their stories are fantastic.

Although I said I was done with the Older Woman/Younger Man theme, I did write this one.... and it's a good one. Read on for the blurb!

Raised in a stifling religious environment, placing an online sex ad is something Corey Jamison never thought she’d do. But getting divorced has left her eager to explore her fantasies, particularly those kinky ones she’d be too embarrassed to tell a serious boyfriend. Finding a non-judgmental stranger to dominate her sounds like the perfect solution.
At twenty-six, Donovan Halloran is too young and too good-looking to take seriously. Naturally dominant, he seems like the perfect candidate to help her live out her secret desires. But their erotic adventures lead both of them into dangerous emotional territory--and soon Corey finds that Donovan has claimed her heart along with her body.

Coming in mid July!>>