Woo!! I just sold one of my favorite books ever to Liquid Silver - SOUTHERN GOTHIC. This is the longest erotic romance I've ever written, clocking in at 85K words, and one of my best (in my humble opinion, ha ha.)

It's a M/M/F menage and is full of lust, jealousy, rivalry, murder, ghosts and scandal. A handsome writer with a secret past... A beautiful bartender who moonlights as a ghost-hunter to avenge her lost love's death.... A Hoodoo priestess, a psychic child and a legion of dead teenagers.... Southern Gothic is the story of love lost and found again, of revenge, forgiveness and transcendance.


Thirteen years ago a graduation party went tragically wrong, changing a small Southern town forever. Now every spring, vengeful teenage ghosts unleash a murderous vendetta that no one can stop.

Sutton Pierce, a handsome bisexual novelist with a broken heart, is new in town. All he wants is a secluded place to write his next book and forget the smolderingly sexy boyfriend who betrayed him. He’s not prepared for a spooky onset of hauntings – and he’s certainly not prepared for his fierce attraction to Hadley Barnes, a ghost-hunting bartender beautiful enough to heal his heart and dangerous enough to break it again.

Their fiery love turns complicated when Sutton’s gorgeous ex tracks them down and stirs up illicit passions none of them know how to handle. When their combustible mix of jealousy and lust ignite, a three-way love affair begins that is as intoxicating as it is scandalous. But their happiness is short-lived when the ghosts’ murderous agenda targets one of them.

Excerpts to come!