Another sale to my favorite publisher, Liquid Silver. This is an M/M/F menage - or wait, is it an M/M/M/F menage? Read and find out... Blurb below!

How does a friendship catch fire? It starts with a lap dance….

Alexandra and Diego are coworkers who won’t risk their friendship for the lusty fling they secretly want. Newly divorced and fresh from the suburbs, Alexandra’s afraid that if she gives him her body, he’ll steal her heart. A bisexual ex-model too gorgeous for his own good, Diego is afraid the true intensity of his passion will scare off the skittish Alexandra. So they skate along as friends, never confronting the depth of their feelings.

A fun night out at a male strip club changes everything when a wild young stripper electrifies them both. Sexy and mysterious with a dangerous past, Tristan is the ultimate bad boy, firing up their desire even as he arouses their jealousy. Soon they’re competing against each other in a battle of male vs. female sexual wiles. It’s a dead heat until the night their rivalry turns explosive at an auction of the raciest kind…