Dessa Blackwell is a beautiful witch who can speak with the dead. Nick Hijuela is a hot young rock star who can’t keep the girls out of his dressing room. When she joins his tour as a makeup artist, the only thing they have in common is a fierce animal attraction... Or so they think.

Their sexual connection is mind-blowing. But past the fans and backstage parties, Nick is haunted by an ominous secret—and the very bitter ghost of a dead groupie who seems determined to separate them at any price. Dessa knows it’s risky to lose her heart to a man pursued by the most beautiful women in the world. But what she doesn’t know is that another witch is watching both of them ... and when Nick’s secret connection to her past is revealed, the danger for both of them is greater than she can imagine.

"an unbelievable story that will keep you guessing from page to page...."
5/Reviewer Top Pick by Night Owl Romance