Sorry I've been away for a while! And I'm sorry, too, for the outdated info in my introductory paragraphs. There doesn't seem to be any way to change that stuff. Once it's there, it's writ in stone, I guess.

A lot has been going on.

My Utopia-X series for Loose Id (m/m futuristic urban fantasy) now stands at three books: Looking for Some Touch, Seeking Something Wicked, and Exploring Savage Places. I'm currently working on the fourth and possibly last. In any case, the series won't go beyond five books.

I'm also published with Liquid Silver. A big m/m urban fantasy-romance, InDescent, is currently available, and a m/m contemporary, Bastards and Pretty Boys, will be coming out very shortly. Liquid Silver will also be releasing To Be Where You Are, the sequel to InDescent.

If you'd like updates, please visit my BLOG, which I do manage to keep current. Lots of other stuff on there, too, because I don't like blabbing about my books all the time. I'm a big fan of variety.

So, if I disappear again for a while, it's only because my plate if full. And really, that's the way I like it!