Krystayl paused outside Stuart’s office, shocked, by the scene before her. Stuart’s secretary had sent her in but—was he really standing with his side to her and his erection pressed against the wall?

She couldn’t really be sure, if he was it was HUGE. Her tummy did a couple of major backflips and the heat of desire fluttered through her before she was able to step back a few paces. Once out of sight she coughed discreetly, wondering if she really ought to get involved with such a well-endowed, uhm, strange character. Only the size of his…reputation, drew her on.

“Ah, Miss Clere,” Stuart turned and greeted her. She blinked as he finished adjusting his zipper, his eyes followed her gaze.

“Oh, my apologies for that.” He looked genuinely concerned. “I find it improves reception if I have it against a wall, and I sometimes forget what I’m doing when I have guests.” He looked honestly upset with his faux pas. “Please sit.” Stuart offered her one of the genuine leather chairs placed in front of his desk, before sitting in his own. “Now, how can I help you?”