an ending from Yakkity

Krystayl dug the wire cutters out and freed Stuart with a snip. "But I don't understand, Mr. Hardthudder. How did you know my mother is the kidnapper?"

Her brow furrowed and looked so cute he didn't want to pull his pants up. But a job was a job. He stood and stuffed himself and his accoutrements back into his trousers - sans antennae. God, he missed that gadget far too much. Is it possible to have that bad a case of antennae addiction?

"Mr. Hartdthudder? Did you hear me?"

"Uh, yes. Yes Ms. Klere. You see, it is elementary my dear. Let me see the ransom note again."

She handed it to him and he held it up against the light, at the same angle he'd viewed it earlier as she read it.

"Look here, Ms. Klere. See the monogram on the paper? Aren't those your mother's initials?"

Her hand covered her mouth as she gasped. "Why yes they are! Oh, Mr. Hardthudder you are a genius! How can I ever thank you?" She threw her arms around him and squeezed.

Stuart cleared his throat and pushed her gently away. "We'll get to that later...For now, do you know where your mother and Rich Roughrider went?"

"Why, to bed I assume. But I don't know where that is."

"Come on. Let's search the house." He tugged her up the stairs by the arm. "You go that way, I'll go this way. Yell if you find something, okay?"

She nodded and set off. Stuart found the kitchen, the laundry room and the well stocked reptile room but not the bedroom. He'd seen reptile rooms before, and this one grossed him out just as much as the others had, and left him with a bad feeling in the pit of stomache. Nonetheless he sucked in a breath and tapped on one of the wall-to-ceiling glass cages like a kid in a pet store. The 15-foot Python inside did not stir. "Ewwww." He shuddered and backed out into the hallway.

As soon as he got there, a scream pierced the air. Krystayl.

"I'm coming Krystayl!" God, he wished he were saying that to her for real. After this job was done he planned to announce each and every orgasm he'd have with her seconds before he quivered into a state of bliss. If she'd have him that is, and wasn't just pulling his antennae.

He did a head-slap. She had his antennae!

"Krystayl?" He ran towards a muffled cry.

"In here, Stuart. Hurry!"

He dashed into the garage to find Krystayl standing over a pool with her hands wrapped around a guard rail. She gripped it so tightly he feared she'd crack a knuckle. Following her frightened gaze he spied the brother trussed out like a chicken and dangling from the ceiling. But that wasn't the unusual part. Down below in the pool had to be a half-dozen of the largest North American Alligators he'd ever seen. Damn, he should have expected that.

Though the reptiles looked lethargic -probably due the temperature of the water - they nonetheless were quite alive. And no doubt would be happy to have her brother for dinner. Krystayl still gripped the handrail, paralyzed by fear.

"I-I h-hate g-gators," she stuttered out. "Do something!"

"Don't worry. I've got this all under control." Stuart located the control box and pressed the black button. A motor started up nearby and both halves of the pool covering slid towards the center, trapping the alligators beneath it. As soon as it finished Stuart stepped on the cover and tested the weight. Seems sturdy enough. Okay, let's do this, and do it quick.

Bruce wasn't just tied up in one of those fancy calf-roping bindings, he was naked too, something Stuart considered too much information. "Okay Mr. Klere, I'm gonna cut you down now." He moved under him and noticed for the first time Bruce didn't look so hot. His left eye was swollen shut and a trickle of blood had dried on his chin. His general state of unconsciousness wouldn't be a great help as Stuart cut him down. "Damn it."

He cut the binding in the back and Bruce's legs swung down. A tall man, his toes almost touched the pool cover.

"Now for the tricky part."

Stuart used his super-extender knife and stood on his tip-toes to guide the blade up above Bruce's hands and cut him free. When the rope gave, Bruce's body sagged into his arms and Stuart had to wrap both his arms around him to hold him up.

In this position, Bruce was kind of cute, he supposed. And he smelled good too. Salty. Earth like. Bits of dried blood dotted his shaggy blonde hair and Stuart's heart softened at the sight. If he didn't know any better, he'd say he found this man attractive.

"Stuart! Look out!"

Krystayl's cry started him out of his daydream and he turned to see Rich Roughrider had his hands on her, holding her back as she kicked and flailed. Damn it, she's mine! "Let her go!" he growled. "Now!"

"Not so fast Mr. Hardthudder. I hardly think you are in a position to make demands." The crazy bitch of a mother meant what she said too. Her finger hovered over the red button. All she had to do was push it and...


"I want my money, and I'm going to get it, even if I have to kill you too!" Her crazy mother cackled and reached for the button. She pushed it, and Stuart did the splits as both sides of the pool pulled towards the sides.

That crazy bitch! Just how much of that crazy gene Krystayl had inherited flitted through his mind. Maybe not too much.

“Mother wait!”

The crazy woman pushed the black button and the pool cover stopped, leaving Stuart clutching a sagging Bruce to his chest. Stuart groaned under the effort.

“I will give you half of what I have, and Bruce will too. I'll make sure he does. Just close the pool Mom and let them go!” Krystayl managed to squirm loose of Roughrider and she lunged for the control box. She pushed the black button and the doors slid towards each other once more.

Stuart breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the pool disappear under his feet. But before he could transfer his – and Bruce's weight – over to one side crazy mom punched the red button again.

“But what's my assurance that he will give me any money?”

“Mom! He will. I promise!” She hit the black button and the cover reversed course.

This time Stuart acted a little quicker. With just a few inches left to go he crossed over to one side and headed for the edge.

“You don't know that! He might not. I can't take that chance. I'm sorry.” Her mother hit the red button again and Stuart toppled backwards as Bruce's body weight lurched against him.


“Sorry Stuart.”

The pool cover stopped, leaving him lying on his back with a still naked Bruce on top of him. Bruce began to moan and Stuart nearly wet his pants as the alligators nipped at his hair. It took all his strength but he managed to roll to sitting and haul Bruce up with him. “Look lady, you can't get any money out of him if he's dead. Don't you think keeping him alive is your best option?” Now pissed, he crossed the pool in five quick steps and stepped up over the edge. Safe at last.

“I guess so,” she shrugged. “But he'd better agree. Rich couldn't make him. What makes you think you can?”

“Mom,” Kyrstayl put her hand on her mother's arm, “if he gives you the money will you agree to go away?”

Her mother's face brightened and she made googlie eyes at Roughrider. “Sure.”

“I think he'll take that deal. Believe me.” Krystayl knelt beside Stuart and Bruce on the edge of the pool. “Is he all right?”

“He needs a doctor. Quickly.” He flashed a stern look to Roughrider who held his hands out in reply.

“No doctors around here. Not this time of night anyway. All we have is simple country doctors anyhow.”

“We'll have to use the teleporter then. Krystayl, get him some clothes and a coat.”

Bruce moaned again as Krystayl pulled a sweater and jeans over him. “Does he need shoes?”

“No. I'll carry him.” He might as well, he figured. A part of him really didn't mind.

Once outside the three stepped into the teleporter beam and flashed back to civilization – well, Stuart's office. He hollered for Cynthia to call an ambulance, knowing the woman always worked far too late.

“And bring some donuts,” Krystayl tacked on for good measure. “Chocolate ones.”

Stuart dragged Bruce's body to the couch and eased him down. As he stretched out to full length Stuart caught a look at his crotch, then groaned and slapped his head. Now Bruce had his antennae! Not that he didn't wear it well, but it was his, damn it! His!

“What's wrong, Stuart?”


“Aw, you miss your weetle antennae? Don't worry, I'll make it up to you.”

Stuart made pouty face at her and she leaned forward to bite his lower lip. Mmm...that did have possibilities.

After the ambulance picked up Bruce the two of them sat sipping wine on his crusty green couch with a full plate of donuts in front of them.

“Stuart, I want to show you my appreciation for finding my brother.” Her hands stroked along his pants zipper and he hardened under her touch. “Unzip your pants for me one more time, will you?”

Well he didn't need any more encouragement. Krystayl stood up and watched as he unzipped and slid his pants down. For good measure he took off his shirt too, and then lay flat on the couch with his arm behind his head. “I'm ready for my reward now honey!” His cock jumped at the word 'reward.' Eager little bastard, it was.

He took a deep inhale and closed his eyes as he imagined Krystayl shimmying herself out of that skin tight catsuit and straddling him, then riding him to her release. “Yes...” he mumbled. “Oh yes.” But right after that another image popped into his head – one in which her brother bared his smooth blonde haired ass to him and begged to be filled with cock and cum. “Mmmm,” slipped out of his mouth before he could stop it and he tensed. Good God! Did he want to do both Klere siblings? How unusual for him. But then, the Klere's were an unusual family. He opened his eyes as something besides Krystayl's pussy slid onto his dick. “What the hell?”

Krystayl smiled and licked her lips. “This way it's your treat and mine!” With a devious smirk she slid a second chocolate glazed donut over his flagpole and then a third.

Would it take a fourth, he wondered? But she stopped at three, leaving his head to jut out from the chocolate tower like some sort of weird antennae topper.

“ favorite.” Krystayl began to lick the chocolate off the top of the nearest donut.

As she did her tongue flicked against his shaft, sending sparks of heat down to his balls. His hips thrust upward of their own accord seeking to get more of him inside her mouth. Damn but he wanted her.

She licked half the chocolate off the first donut before biting in and tearing a big chunk of dough away.

Stuart groaned as her teeth scraped his sensitive skin. His cock jerked and the tower jostled. “Please, Krystayl. Hurry up. This is torture!”

She laughed. “All right you big baby.” She took another bite, then another, and soon she'd finished off the entire top donut.

She gazed up at him as she licked her lips and Stuart's balls ached. All that melting chocolate around her mouth reminded him of something else he'd like to coat her chin with. Sooner rather than later. He reached forward and touched the back of her head, urging her chocolate smeared mouth onto the next donut.

Krystayl nibbled and bit as though she desperately wanted to eat her way to his shaft.

The very idea of it and watching her devour the donuts, eat bite bringing her closer to his body brought him to the edge orgasm. His balls squeezed with tension, ready to blow, and his ass clenched against the grimy fabric of the couch. Holding her head like that, watching her work towards him with so much enthusiasm excited him more than anything he'd ever seen. “Krystayl,” he moaned. “Please!”

Her chocolate covered hand clamped onto his head and stroked as she smacked her lips and licked the remaining chocolate off his shaft.

The sounds she made! A long wail worked its way up through Stuart's groin and out his mouth as he erupted, sending a fountain of white over the melted brown sugary landscape. Before he stopped gushing, Kryastayl moved her mouth to his head and sucked the rest out, then she pumped him until only a steady stream of ooze – precum for the next round – emitted from his shaft. He realized then she didn't want him just for his antennae.

Taking his cue from her, he chose a maple bar as his weapon. Oh yes, chocolate was his favorite too, but for his purposed the oft too sweet maple bar would work much better. He shoved the coffee table out of the way and lay her back on the floor to strip her. Down came the zipper and he got his first look at those breast implants. They were top notch beauties, and he had no complaint as he leaned down to wrap his lips around first one nipple and then the other. She moaned underneath him and his hand snaked down her front to find her clit. As soon as his fingers hit that little button, she came, writhing below him as he continued to work over her nipples with his mouth and one free hand.

“Oh Stuart,” she gasped. “Oh Stuart!”

Soon his fingers slid down her folds and into the wet crevice between her thighs. It was hungry for him, he noted, as he dipped a finger in and her walls clutched at it. Well, she'd have to wait. Two could play the donut game just as well as one.

“And now for the pièce de résistance!” he announced. He pressed the top of the maple bar against her slick entrance and pushed, spreading her wider as he did with his other hand.

She cried out and her hips bucked as that sugary treat slid partway inside her.

He knew it wouldn't get much farther, so he satisfied himself with getting at least part of it in her, and added a finger alongside it for good measure. Then, sans napkin, he settled down to eat. “Mmm...” he make smacking noises as he licked the donut. “So good. So tasty.” He wiggled his finger inside her and she squirmed around it. He took another bite, then another. “Almost there...”

Krystayl reached down and pulled his head against her wetness so hard he exhaled a muffled laugh against her pussy.

Then words were no longer necessary as his stealthy tongue lapped at her opening and dug the rest of the donut out. Kyrstayl's moans increased and he swirled his finger around her clit, eliciting another orgasm from her as he swallowed the last bit of maple bar and licked her clean. Triumphant over his donut techniques, he all but forgot about the missing antennae as he took his cock in hand and entered her. “Ahhhh,” he uttered as he buried himself to the hilt inside her, “now this is the kind of reward a man could grow to like.” He knew he'd be in for it as soon as Krystayl got the Gyno bill for her donut-engendered yeast infection, but at the moment, he didn't care. They were together on the floor, full of donuts, and the case had been solved. His maple covered lips landed on her chocolate ones, mixing and creating a new flavor.

“Mmm....” she moaned into his mouth as her hands clamped down on his ass cheeks and her fingernails dug in.

“Mmm hmm,” he returned. For a second or two he tried to think of a name for the maple-chocolate-pussy flavor tingling his tastebuds but then his mind went blank as his cock demanded more heat, more friction, and more of the territory of Miss Klere be claimed as his. Now. His shaft slide up and down in a heated hurry, no longer able to restrain himself. He'd wanted to fuck her since the first time she'd walked into his office. No way was he gonna stop now.

“Mr. Hardthudder?” Cynthia.

Damn it. “Not now!”

“But the hospital called to say Bruce would be fine...”

“Damn it, I said not now!” At mention of the man's name his cock hardened further if that were even possible, and a deep rattling orgasm started at his base. Hers lagged behind his – don't they always, he mused – and he tried to hold out, but that image of fucking Bruce from behind made his juices overflow, and they mixed with Krystayl's maple pussy goodness as he braced himself up with his arms, threw his head back and howled out her name. How confusing all this was. Was he fucking her or him or both? Good gods. As long as it wasn't dear old 'Ma he didn't much care. Suddenly, something about his high strung technologically enhanced sexuality became crystal clear.

He wanted them. Both.

“Stuart!” Krystayl cried out beneath him as she gripped his ass tighter, almost crushing his balls against her. God she was beautiful when she came, her hair flying out around her as she tossed her head from side to side. He only hoped he could keep her satisfied like this forever. And away from her mom, preferably.

“Krystayl honey?”

“Yes Stewie?” She gasped.

Ugh. He hated the particular diminutive with a passion but just this once he'd let her get away with it. “Did you want to go see your brother at the hospital now?”

She sighed with contentment. “I suppose I should see how he's doing, yes. If you don't mind..”

“No. Not at all. And while you're there...”

Bruce lay in his hospital bed looking as if he were on the way to a quick recovery. He'd better be. He had a vote to cast in less than 24 hours.

“Bruce, do you mind if we come in?” Krystayl asked as they strode in anyway.

“No. Not at all. Hi sis.”

Krystayl planted a peck on his check and sat down the bed next to him. “How do you feel?”

“Better.” He sighed and readjusted his position. “What kind of deal did you make with Mom? Do I have to sleep with that Roughrider fellow like she wanted? 'Cause I gotta tell ya, that man gives me the creeps.”

Stuart arched an eyebrow. “Was that the deal they strung you up for, Mr. Klere?”

“Bruce. Call me Bruce,” he corrected. His blue eyes glinted at Stuart. “And yes, that was why they did this to me. I hope it's not what you two agreed to-”

“No, Bruce, it's nothing like that.” She waved a hand dismissing the notion. “You just need to give her half your money. That's all.”

“Oh, that's much better. Thank you.” He smiled as his sister caressed his hand. “And you, Mr. ...”

“Hardthudder, sir. Stuart Hardthudder. Private dick.”

“Mr. Hardhudder. I probably owe you a reward for saving my life back there. It was you that cut me down and saved me from my mother's clutches, wasn't it?”

Oh yes. He'd cut his perfectly tanned naked body down and held him against him as he moaned in his ear. Oh yes. And he'd do it again-

“Stuart, wake up! You're drooling!” Krystayl's looked held both surprise and amusement.

“Uh, sorry, Krystayl.” He ran a hand through his newly washed hair. “Yeah, it was me. And I don't need any money. Your sister has already paid me my fee. But there is the one small matter of my antennae...”

“Ah yes,” Bruce agreed. “We must have gone through the teleporter together.”

The way he said 'together' made Stuart's flaccid cock take note. He nodded. “Yes we did. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

“That's quite all right. But do you need them back very soon? You see, I'd like to keep them for the vote tomorrow. I think I could sway a few of the fellows on the panel our way if they got a load of what this thing can do.” He winked.

He seemed to eager that Stuart could hardly say no. Especially since the man intended to cast a vote for his kind. “No problem. Keep the antennae as long as you like.”

“Thank you.” Bruce's hand covered his and squeezed. And held. As he smiled.

Oh my God is he wanting me to shag him? Is he? Oh my God that would be so to be doing both of them. If they'll share.

Apparently Bruce's mind had indeed strayed that direction. A tent had formed in the middle of the bedsheet that rose higher each second. Either that, or the antennae was about to receive a very long and distant message.

“Well it's settled then. We'll see you tomorrow after the vote.” She kissed her brother again and hopped off the bed. Taking Stuart's hand, she added, “let's go find some donuts, Stuart. I'm hungry again.” She drug him towards the door.

“So am I dearest,” he said as his gaze locked with Bruce's on the way out. “So am I.”