Hi, Everyone, Anyone, All Out There--

My name is Jessica Inclan, and I'm the author of two romance trilogies, the last of which started with Being With Him. I also write women's fiction, and you can see all of that on my web site.

I'm happy to be chatting here today. I've been told to mention that chatting in here means you are 18 years or older, just in case!

I'm going to be chatting here today with you about anything romance, romance novel writing, writing, reading, and life, though I am sure you can offer more than I on that score.

I'll also be giving away four copies of my current paranormal romance novel Intimate Beings, and a very precious and rare advanced reading copy of The Beautiful Being, due out in October.

Here is how I plan to do that:

If you would like to be in the running to win one of four copies of Intimate Beings and the one precious ARC of The Beautiful Being, please send me an email with your name and mailing address to:
At the end of the chat, I will draw names from a hat and send on your books in tomorrow’s post.
I will not add your names to my mailing list, but if you want to be on my mailing list, please go to hppt://www.jessicabarksdaleinclan.com and click on the Contact page.
As we go along, I will post an excerpt or two from Intimate Beings, and join in the conversation and answer any questions you might have.
Cal me a sap, but I love writing romance novels. Other than knowing yourself completely, which most of us don't, knowing someone else deeply is the best thing around. That connection is what drives me as I write romance.
What is it that either drives you to write or to read romance?
Or, contrarians out there, what pushes you away from romances?
Looking forward to some talk!