My criteria for judging a publishing house is not primarily cover art, but editors; as they are the ones who fine tune my writing. Cover art might determine sales, but good writing brings readers back.

In the beginning, New Concepts provided Gari Haling as my editor and we developed an excellent working relationship and my learning curve went sky high. The last book with them,"Rachael's Return" received mechanical editing from their "editorial staff" (whatever that might be) and I lost interest.

Since then, I've worked with editors: Gwen Hayes; Ashley Lockard; Stephanie Parent and Diana Rubino; and learnt from all of them. Add people like Marsha Briscoe, Lisa Logan, Patricia Fuller, Diane Colman, Dee Lloyd and Diane Beer, all of whom have contributed to my development as a writer and I've been very fortunate in my choices.

It makes accepting the odd hiccup easier.