This book was released July 15th by Whiskey Creek Press and Jinger Heaston did the cover art. Like all my books, it trod an interesting path from the first idea to actual publication, being originally written as part of a five-book contract with and Australian publisher and not distributed because they folded before it happened. In its original form, there was a strong connection to Mitchell's Valley, which survived only as a passing mention in this version as I was toying with the idea of a hierarchical series of stories reaching back to the 1870s with the Mitchell family front and center all the way. (I subsequently wrote a series about a family of immortal telepaths and discovered the drawbacks of series writing in the process, so I'm glad it got changed)
I really enjoyed writing this one and the publisher's reaction suggests I did it well. I know one reviewer is pleased with it so I'm waiting for the first royalty statement with some interest.