Well Jenn,

I'm actually working on three books at the moment.

Reel to Real
Prophecy of the Boar
Glass of Infinity.

I'm currently finishing up Prophecy, which honestly is the most fun I'm having with this book. I'm thinking about really pushing this one for a series. Setting up the world and getting it going has just been really fun to do. I didn't realize one could be so steep into such a rich and great place.

Reel is actually in the process of beginning. I still needed to time work on it and flesh it out some more. I think its coming along finally but shouldn't be too bad. I have all the details finally worked out, just now time to sit and write.

Glass....ohh this one I'm taking my time on with research. It is the big novel and I want to get it just right. Though I have finished the prologue and the first chapter...this book is going to be very special and I can already tell.

After this its heading up with the lost two digest and I'm thinking about a few others. The list is long and distinguished for all the lovely books to write, but hopefully one day at a time lol. Or else i would absolutely lose it!

Thanks for dropping by and I'm glad you like the page! ;D