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Here is a brief overview of the ebook readers, formatting, and helpful tips to help you with your eBook experience. There are a ton of readers out there for you to use. This list is not complete because things change. If you know of an ebook reader that we do not have listed here, please let us know so we can update our list. Thank you!

Click on one of the selections below or cruise through this page which is filled with some great information.

Software Book Formats Ebook Readers


  Screen Print E Readers PDAs Other
Adobe Reader (*.pdf)  Desktop or laptop Yes Sony Ereader Palm OS Symbian OS (Nokia 6680 Smartphones and, Nokia Communicator 9500 series & 9210/9290 devices.) 
  Windows, Unix, Mac Pocket PC  
  Windows Tablet  
HTML (*.htm, *.html; comes in *.zip file)  Desktop or laptop (Windows, Unix, Mac, Linux)  Yes Sony Reader  PDA with MobiReader installed  N/A  
  Windows Tablet  Kindle  Palm OS   
  Windows CE    Franklin eBookman  Pocket PC     
Microsoft Reader (*.lit)  Windows platform Desktop or laptop  N/A N/A Pocket PC  N/A  
  Windows Tablet           
Mobipocket Reader (*.prc)  Windows Tablet  N/A Kindle Palm OS SymbianOs
(Series60, UIQ, Series80, Series 90)
  Windows platform desktops & laptops  Franklin Pocket PC MS Smartphone 2002  
  Casio Windows Mobile   
  Windows Mobile  Pocket PC  
  Pocket PC Blackberry  
Rocketbook (*.rb)  Windows platform desktops & laptops with Rocket eBook reader  N/A Gemstar & Rocket eBook devices  N/A N/A  

Book Formats

Adobe [.PDF] Microsoft [.LIT] Palm Doc [.PDB]
Rocket/REB1100 [.RB] Franklin [.FUB] Hiebook [.KML]
Sony Reader [.LRF] Isilo [-IS.PDB] Mobipocket [.PRC]
Kindle [.MOBI] OEBFF Full VGA [.IMP] OEBFF Half VGA [.IMP]
Adobe Reader 
Recently, Adobe merged their Adobe eBook Reader with Acrobat Reader. Read the FAQ for eBook readers here. Adobe Reader eBooks are read on the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be installed and used on any computer- Windows, Macs, and Linux- and on Palm PDA devices. If the publisher has allowed, Adobe Reader eBooks are printable. Because publishing via PDF preserves all visual attributes of the original document, PDF files and contain colorful type, images and formatting that looks great on screen. 
Adobe Acrobat Home Page 
Adobe Support Page  Here are some of the advantages of Acrobat: 
User Guide for Adobe Acobat Reader  Acrobat Reader software is free 
To install Adobe Acrobat Reader, choose a link below and visit the Adobe website. Follow Adobe's on-screen instructions.  Adobe PDF is a universal file format that preserves all the fonts, formatting, graphics, and color of any source document
Download Reader for Mac  PDF titles may be printable (depending on the wishes of the publisher)
Download for PC  Unfortunately, Adobe Reader eBooks is are not compatible with Pocket PCs.
Download for Palm 
FAQ for Palm 
Download for Pocket PC 
FAQ for Pocket PC version 4 
FAQ Pocket PC version 2 
Download for Symbian  


Transferring Files 
To read an eBook in PDF format on your desktop or laptop PC, download the file, open Adobe Acrobat Reader and then open the document.    Palm OS device with Adobe Acrobat.    Find the Adobe Reader for Palm OS application (start- all programs or desktop icon)  Open the Adobe Reader for Palm OS application 

Click Add button 
Find the file that you downloaded from the email
Select it and click Open 
A status window will show the transfer progress 
The file is now ready for syncing
Sync Your palm device 
hotsync screenshot 
Select the Adobe Reader application on the Palm device
The new ebook will be listed
Select the ebook and enjoy!!



  HTML (Hypertext Markup Language ) formatted ebooks a appear to be like long webpages.- a series of files (or pages) held together by hyperlinks. Unlike a "real" website they are stored on your hard drive, so you can read your ebook whether you are connected to the Internet or not. 
  HTML ebooks are read a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, on a pc or other web-capable device (most pdas can read html ebooks if they have Mobipocket installed).
  Some advantages to consider when choosing an html ebook are:
  browser downloads are often free, but you probably already have one installed on your computer 
  smaller file size
  use of existing browser preferences and font sizes 
  no additional devices to purchase
    familiar hypertext navigation 


Transferring Files 
To use the your Internet browser to read an eBook, download the file from the email into the location of your choice. Open your browser & then open the file. This file will appear much like a regular web page. 



Microsoft Reader     
Microsoft Reader Home Page 
Microsoft Reader eBooks can be read on Windows platform desktop and laptop PCs, Pocket PCs, and Tablet PCs. Microsoft Reader boasts "Clear-Type" technology, which makes the text looks more like printed words on paper. Microsoft Reader eBooks are considered a versatile eBook solution in that they can be read on pocket PC's as well as desktops.
  Some of the good things about Microsoft Reader:
  the software is free
Microsoft Reader Support Page  eBooks are transferable from desktop to pocket PC via ActiveSync Software
Microsoft Reader Self Help Page  font size is changeable
To install Microsoft Reader, choose the applicable link below and visit the Microsoft website. Follow the on-screen instructions.  Some of the not so good things about Microsoft Reader:
Download Reader for desktop & laptop  you will need a Microsoft Passport account to activate your software- learn more about passport here 
Download Reader for Tablet PC  "Owner Exclusive" Microsoft Reader eBooks have a very high level of security- they require software activation and can only be read by the person who purchased them 
Download Reader for Pocket PC     


Transferring Files 
Open your previously downloaded files in Microsoft Reader to read them on a desktop or laptop PC For device specific instructions and troubleshooting information, please refer to the Microsoft reader home page or the Microsoft Reader Self Help Page. 



Mobipocket Reader     
Mobipocket Home Page An eBook in the Mobipocket format can be read on Windows PCs and lots of handheld PDAs and devices. Mobipocket Reader features adjustable text size, full text search and bookmarking. On PDAs, the Mobipocket reader features touch screen page turning and bookmarking.
  Advantages of Mobipocket
  software is free
  can be read on virtually any PDA
  very customizable viewing experience
FAQ for Mobipocket 
Mobipocket forums 
Mobipocket How-To 
To install Mobipocket, choose the "Download Mobi Pocket" link below and follow the instructions 
Download Mobipocket     
Transferring Files 
To use the Mobipocket reader, simply download the file from the email into the location of your choice. Open Mobipocket reader & then open the file.   If you need device specific assistance, please refer to the Mobipocket home page, or the how-to use Mobipocket page. 


Gemstar has announced that they are no longer going to be selling Gemstar eBooks or eBook devices.

FAQ Information Goes here.

Rocket eBook and GEB Librarian

Follow device setup in user guide to use USB port to transfer data

Download RB2Project software

Rocket Book Home Page

-This converts the *.rb file to a compatible *.rb format for the ET12 device

Drag and drop the saved file from the email download onto the RB2Project shortcut (desktop)

The conversion creates a folder with the name of the eBook & contains a new eBook.rb file

Open the GEB Librarian

Drag & drop the new eBook.rb file into the GEB window


Transferring Files

Rocket eBook device ETI 2- eBookwise Personal Content Server, GEB eBook Librarian and RB2Project converter, or Transfer to SmartCard

Rocket eBook and the Content Server

Setup account and log into personal content server

Click the Browse button- find the file you saved via the email download

The file will be uploaded via the eBookwise server; a notification will appear on your web browser when the file is ready for download

This process converts the *.rb file to a *.imp file

On the eBook Device

-Select Online Bookshelf

-Select the ebook that you just uploaded to be downloaded

-The ebook should now be there for you to read

Open the GEB Librarian- the following windows will appear

Turn on your eBook device

Select online book shelf

Select your new ebook for download

Start reading!

Rocket eBook and

SmartMedia™ Memory Card

The SmartMedia™ card will show as a new drive letter (Removable Disc)

Convert the downloaded file to the new *.rb format as described above

Drag the converted *.rb file & drop on to the drive letter for the SmartMedia™ card

Insert the SmartMedia™ card into your eBook device and turn the device on

Select the eBook shelf

Select the book and begin reading


Ebook Readers
Nook (Barnes and Noble)
In need of tips, tricks or troubleshooting? Barnes and Noble has helpful NOOK video tutorials give you easy-to-follow instructions so you can be up and reading in no time. Have a look! Click here to watch these videos right on your NOOK Color.

EBM-901  by Franklin Electronic Publishers: $109


6.5 oz. 5.17" x 3.39" x 0.67" 16-level grayscale display and high-resolution touch screen with enhanced polarizers 

Manufacturer's Home Page 

Manufacturer's Information Page


Palm TX  $299


5.25 ounces

3.08" W x 4.76" H x .61" D

320 x 480 transflective TFT touchscreen display with Support for over 65,000 colors, and landscape and portrait orientation modes

Manufacturer's Information Page

Manufacturer's Home Page 


EBookWise 1150  $124.95


18 ounces 5" x 7.5" x 1.5" Back-lit 5.5" diagonal 4-bit grayscale LCD touch screen; half-VGA resolution

Manufacturer's Home Page 

Manufacturer's Information Page


Kindle   $399


10.3 ounces 7.5" x 5.3" x 0.7" 6" diagonal electronic paper  

The Kindle is a proprietary e-book reader and web browser, all in one. For complete details, go to and click on the Kindle link.   The Kindle uses a wireless infrastructure (Sprint network) to access Amazon’s web site where you can download digital books, magazines, and newspapers. You can also listen to MP3 files and audio books on the Kindle. You don’t need a WiFi account with any carrier to use a Kindle. The network comes with the device.

If you have a MobiPocket (.prc) document: Plug your Kindle into your computer with the provided USB cable. Copy the .prc file to the /documents directory on the Kindle device. (When the Kindle is connected to your computer via the USB cable, it shows up in Windows Explorer. Just drag and drop the files into the Book folder of the Kindle.) 

If you have an HTML document: Each Kindle has a unique email (established when you bought the device). Email the HTML as an attachment to your Kindle email. The HTML is converted to Kindle format and appears on your device when you select “Check for New Items” from the Home menu. 

You can also email the document to and Kindle will convert the doc and mail the converted doc back to your computer. Save the file and transfer it via the USB cable to your Kindle.

If you have a PDF document: Kindle does not currently fully support PDF files—meaning that you can put PDF documents on your Kindle, but the formatting and appearance may not come across well. Email the file to your Kindle (as explained above). You can read the story text with little problem. But graphics (like cover art) will probably be missing, chapters won’t start on new pages, the indenting of paragraphs or centered text may be irregular. 

You can also convert the PDF file to a MobiPocket (.prc) format. Download the free MobiPocket Creator program. Once you’ve converted your files, you can transfer them to your Kindle through the USB cable, as described above.

Sony EReader

Sony   $299.99


Manufacturer's Support Page 

9 ounces 5.9" x 4.9" x 05" 6" diagonal electronic paper- 160 pixels per inch, 4 level greyscale 

The Reader supports .JPEG, .PNG, .PDF, .TXT, .RTF formatted e-books. It has an application, "CONNECT Reader", that can convert MS Word (.DOC) e-books to .RTF before copying them to the Reader from your computer. In most cases, you should use the "CONNECT Reader" software to transfer supported files to your Reader.

If you have an HTML document: Save file as rtf. You can enlarge the font the same as other files.

If you have a PDF document: The text size for .PDF e-books transferred to the Reader is considered small by some readers, but if you hold down the <Size> button for five seconds, it will rotate the screen, which is a help.

Bookeen Cybook

Bookeen   $350- $450 

4.7" x 7.4" x 0.3" 118 x 188 x 8.5 mm 6.13 ounces -174 g (battery included)  6" E Ink® B&W / 4 greyscale Vizplex screen: 600x800 pixels, 166 dpi

Manufacturer's Support Page 

Manufacturer's FAQ 

Bookeen's Cybook supports Mobipocket, PalmDoc, HTML, plain text and pdf text files as well as jpg, gif and png image files and mp3 for sound. Bookeen has a software support page ( for additional software information. 

Bookeen is proud to announce the availability of Cybook Gen3 on European leader in online sales of Hi-Tech products.

Present today in 26 countries, the site reaches more than 10 million unique visitors per month and more than 6 million customers. With more than 45 000 references, owes its success to the availability of its products, its low prices, fast delivery and its many services.

The presence of Cybook on Pixmania offers exceptional visibility to the ebook throughout Europe and marks a significant first step in the presence of the product on the consumer mass market.

Symbian OS is an advanced open standard operating system licensed by the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers and is already available in the Ericsson R380, R380e and R380 World Smartphones, the Nokia 9200 Communicator series and Psion's PDAs, and soon in the Nokia 7650. 

Here is a list of all compatible devices: 

Nokia 3230, Nokia 6260,
Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630,
Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680,
Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682,
Nokia 7610, Nokia N70,
Nokia N72, Nokia N90
Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620,
Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660,
Nokia 7650, Nokia N-Gage,
Nokia N-Gage QD,
Sony Ericsson P800,
Sony Ericsson P900,
Sony Ericsson P910
Nokia 3250, Nokia 5500,
Nokia E50, Nokia E60,
Nokia E61, Nokia E61i,
Nokia E62, Nokia E65,
Nokia E70, Nokia N71,
Nokia N73, Nokia N75,
Nokia N77, Nokia N80,
Nokia N91, Nokia N92,
Nokia N93, Nokia N93i
Nokia 5700, Nokia 6110,
Nokia 6120, Nokia 6121,
Nokia E51, Nokia E90,
Nokia N76, Nokia N82,
Nokia N95, Nokia 9300,
Nokia 9300i, Nokia 9500,
Nokia 9210, Nokia 9290

Palm OS, Window Mobile Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone and Symbian OS Devices 

Many of the latest Mobile Devices and Smartphones can be used to read eBooks. Among them are the following:

Palm OS
Windows Mobile
Pocket PC: 
Windows Mobile
Symbian OS
- Treo and Centro
- Palm Z22
- Palm T|X
- Palm Tungsten Series
- Palm LifeDrive
- Palm Zire
- Palm III Series
- Palm V Series
- Palm VII Series
- Palm m Series
- HTC 6900 Touch,
Sprint Touch,
Verizon XV6900
- HTC 6800 Mogul,
Verizon XV6800,
- HTC 6700,
Sprint PPC 6700,
Verizon XV6700
- T-Mobile
Wing and MDA
- AT&T 8125,
TILT and 8525
- Treo 750,
750w, 700wx
- HP iPAQ 510 and 610
Business Messenger 
- Motorola Q, Q9,Q9c
and Q Music
- T-Mobile Shadow,
Dash and SDA
- Samsung BlackJack
and BlackJack II
and ACE
- Pantech DUO
- AT&T 2125 and 3125
- Verizon SMT5800
- HP iPAQ 510
Voice Messenger 
- Nokia Series 60 phones
- Nokia Series 80 phones
- Nokia Symbian UIQ 

Franklin eBookman (FUB, Palm Doc)


Transfering eBooks to your Franklin eBookMan device: To transfer a file to your Franklin eBookMan, you must save the file in the "Sync" folder. By default, this folder is c:\program files\Franklin Electronic Publishers\Data\Contents, assuming you installed the Franklin tools in the default location.  

The Franklin eBookMan can read either its own proprietary format (FUB) or it can read Palm Doc files (PDB). The FUB format is generally more desirable because it can display text formats such as italics and centering. (The Mobipocket Reader will also work on Franklin eBookMan. This software is used at Fictionwise for its encrypted eBooks and is recommended.) 

This is a rather long path to find all the time, so we suggest you change it to something simpler, such as C:\EbookManContents by using the eBookMan Desktop Utility (first create the new sync directory using windows explorer then go to the eBookMan Desktop utility, select the File menu and choose Change Sync Folder). 

So, all you need to do is save your files directly into your Sync folder, then use the Synchronize button in the eBookMan Desktop Utility to send the files to your device. 

Saving the eBook to your hard drive on some older browsers: Older browsers will not properly set the default file name when you attempt to Save an eBook to a file on your computer. Such a browser will show the default file name as "mw" as opposed to the name of the eBook file (such as "Poe-Tell-Tale-Heart.fub"). To save the file using an old browser, simply type in a sensible name in place of "mw," making sure you are using a ".fub" file extension, and select "All Files" on the file type pulldown in the Save dialog.

8.8 oz. 115.4 x 146 x 17 mm  Back lit 480 X 320 px touch screen LCD display 

hiebook runs its own operating system (EMOS), and requires a PC with a USB port running Windows 95, 98, 2000, or ME to transfer eBooks and files to the device. The hiebook cannot be used with a serial connection. 

The hiebook Reader for the PC (included on the CD you get with your hiebook device) allows you read and manage titles on your PC. The hiebook Reader for the PC includes a librarian feature to easily organize your titles and transfer them to your hiebook device. 

To add an eBook to your hiebook reader(PC): 

  • Click the add button. 
  • Browse to the directory where your eBooks are located. 
  • Select the title you want, and click Open, or double-click the title. The eBook will appear in the "Unclassified" category. To organize your eBooks, select the eBook and click the Class button. Select your category.
  • To add an eBook to your hiebook device: 
  • Make sure your hiebook is connected to your computer. 
  • In your eBookshelf, select an eBook from the list and click Download.
Rocket eBook Reader and Gemstar REB1100/1150/1200/2150 (RB)

The Rocket eBook reader and Gemstar REB1100/1150/1200/2150 are devices dedicated to reading ebooks. The Rocket and REB1100 devices can receive files uploaded from your PC using a cradle. The 1150, 1200, and 2150 class devices can receive files from the Gemstar ebook site using the "Personal Content" feature. For all of these devices, choose "Rocket/REB1100" as your MultiFormat eBook download option. The files you receive will end in the extension: .rb 

Sending an eBook file to the Rocket/REB 1100 Device: When you download a Rocket eBook from Fictionwise to a PC that has your Rocket eBook cradle and Rocket Librarian software installed, things are easy. The Rocket Librarian should launch automatically after the file is completely downloaded. If your Rocket eBook Reader device is in the cradle and turned on, the Librarian will even offer to send the file to the Rocket automatically! If you are downloading the eBook file on some other PC (one that does not have the Rocket software installed) then you will need to save the eBook file to your hard drive. You may transfer the file to the PC that has your Rocket cradle (using a floppy disk or some other means) and then import the file using the Rocket Librian. (Import is under the Title menu.) 

Sending an eBook file to the REB1150, REB1200, or REB2150: In these cases, the device itself cannot download content directly from your PC, but can only connect to the Gemstar web site via a modem, USB (REB1150) or Ethernet (REB1200) connection built into the device. So, to get your Fictionwise eBooks to the device, you must first download the rb file(s) from Fictionwise to your PC as above. Then, you must upload the eBook file(s) to the Gemstar Ebook Site by clicking on the Personal Content link, logging in, and following the instructions. After you have uploaded your Fictionwise rb files to the Gemstar Personal Content server, you may then download the eBooks into your device over the device's built in modem. Web Site

Saving the eBook file to your hard drive on some older browsers: Some older browsers will not properly set the default file name when you attempt to Save an eBook file to a file on your computer. Such a browser will show the default file name as "mw" as opposed to the name of the eBook file (such as "Poe-Tell-Tale-Heart.rb"). To save the eBook file using an old browser, simply type in a sensible name in place of "mw," making sure you are using a ".rb" file extension, and select "All Files" on the file type pulldown in the Save dialog. Another option is to use the "bulk zip download" option to download all of your eBooks in a single ZIP compatible file, then unpack them using Winzip or some equivalent utility. 





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