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ISBN: 9781610400565
September 2010
Torquere Press, Screwdriver
340 Pages
GLBT; Erotic; Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Deke works as an interior designer, although that is certainly not his idea of a dream job. But knowing that bills need to be paid, he does what needs to be done in order to survive.

Gerry is a huge gamer and enjoys playing all sorts, along with creating them. When he gets a brilliant idea to try the role-playing game of survivor versus zombies, it creates a much bigger reaction than expected.

When Deke is pulled into the gaming world with his lover, he finds himself enjoying the role-playing game more than he expected. Even as the highly addictive game brings Deke and Gerry closer, some people from Deke’s past will catch up to him. One of whom is his own father who leaves Zeke feeling like he needs to rinse the filth off of him after their talk. Can Deke get past his father’s nasty attitude to find the happiness he deserves with Gerry?

100% Completion is definitely a unique tale and I found HB Kurtzwilde to have an interesting and eclectic writing style. This is a novel that I did not always understand and that sometimes lost me. I sometimes felt as though my eyes were jumping pages as the writing tended to be choppy and out of sorts at times. Other times the story came together beautifully and I understood everything that was going on. As I got further into the story and began to get a feel for the way the characters were and how they reacted to certain situations, I was able to enjoy the tale to the point that I did not feel as overwhelmed.

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