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ISBN# 0-373-89583-6
July 1, 2006
Red Dress Ink
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
$13.95 U.S./$16.95 Canada
320 pages
Chick lit
Rating: 4 Cups

Lynn Blanchett is a businesswoman who has been given a job in Paris by her fashion mother. She grew up with her dad but everyone knows her famous mother. Sometimes it is like living in her shadow every time someone recognizes the last name. Many have a hard time believing she is indeed Jodie Blanchett’s daughter. All Lynn wants is the opportunity to prove she has what it takes.

Nicholas Bouchez is the human resource manager at Muriel B and the angel who cares deeply for Lynn.

Hubert Barclay, or Hub, a powerful man, who thinks she is one hot babe who can get things done.

Lynn cannot believe she is on her way to Paris for some cushy job. Tired of walking in her mother’s shoes, she wishes to prove to the icon that she has what it takes in the fashion world. As the Public Relations Specialist she plans to make Muriel B’s the next greatest runaway show for the season. Not knowing a thing about what makes the runway go smoothly in a fashion scene, Lynn grabs the little self-help manual that will give her steps to happiness, or at least that is what she hopes. While concealing her identity as Jodie’s daughter, she works hard at her job while trying to maintain a healthy personal life. First there is Nicholas, who is sweet as all get out. He makes her feel giddy, like a thirteen-year-old and for the first time in her life she finds herself with a huge crush. Then Hub who thinks she is the best of the best woos her in a way she never imagined. But there is something about Hub that others wish she would stay clear. He has a girlfriend back home and her friends feel Lynn will only get hurt in the long run. Throughout it all, the only thing Lynn wishes is to finally be herself as she learns one should never be ashamed in life of anything, while discovering that one true love to last a lifetime.

21 Steps to Happiness is an entertaining tale with witty, snappy dialogue that takes the reader into the fashion world. The character of Lynn is hilarious and paints a believable storyline in all the antics that she faces. She keeps merriment throughout the pages that is often unforeseen. Ms Gerson transports the reader into a world where the characters felt genuine in every aspect. The conversation jumps out and grabs the reader. It is a fun read, a feel good read and a tale that has the reader laughing, crying and feeling good all over. She incorporates a fast pace world around Lynn with delightful situations that changes throughout the story. This is one interesting trek that has the reader rooting for Lynn in more ways than one in this delightful story that this reader enjoyed.

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