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ISBN#: 9780373695294
February 2011
Harlequin Intrigue
219 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Her boss is dead, and her brother, accused of his murder, is in a coma. Officer Darby O’Malley is stuck working a desk job at the Academy instead of out on the streets, looking for the killer. She thought she had done everything right to get the coveted undercover job she wanted so badly, but pushing pencils is about as far from that as she can get.

Lying must become second nature if you want to stay alive as an undercover agent, and DEA Agent Erren Rhodes is one of the best. He can change his persona like most people change a hair style, but this job may be even more than he is prepared for.

Darby could kick herself for ever letting the man in her house, but despite the warning bells going off in her head, her heart knows she can trust this man. Erren has never met anyone quite like Darby, and it completely screws with his equilibrium, but he cannot say he is sorry. She is smart, sexy as hell, the absolute worst liar he has ever come across, and he likes her more every minute, which could easily get them both killed. Erren and Darby are in a race to find the information that will put a cop killer away, and hopefully prove her brother’s innocence, but those responsible are one step ahead and deadly serious.

I love authors who make it so easy to picture their characters, as well as set the perfect scene, and Ms. Morgan does exactly that. Erren has bad boy written all over him, everything from his name to his attitude just screams rebel, and you will love every inch in between. Darby too has it all going on with just the right amount of innocence and gutsy behavior that you almost feel sorry for Erren’s total loss of control, almost. Their partnership is boisterous and fiery hot, and I could easily see them coming back for more.

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