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ISBN#: Unavailable
May 2008
Wild Child Publishing
35 Pages
Ratings: 4 Cups

Poetry has a way of calming the soul, allowing one to collect on their thoughts while seeing things in a different light. The poet has a way of reflecting upon his life allowing the reader to be in tune with the lyrics composed on paper. Often learning from one’s experience transcends feelings onto the reader.

From poems of children, romance, faeries, mermaids, nature and strength, the poems of summer brings a smile to the reader, allows one to recall acquaintances and just feel joy within the heart. Water Wings had a way of recalling my childhood and how the youth only make preparations to go out to play. The children doing chores and having fun could visually been seen. From children to romance, each captures a fantasy of tree forests, songbirds, friends, and delightful events in the forest.

The Green Tea Party gave me a sensation of grasses swaying and Faes dancing about while being invited along with the Forest, Jade and Emerald. There are so many grand depictions; I could feel the spring in the air. The way the poet sketches the lyrics, one can picture the lovely scenery and background.

44 Summer Stories: A Poetry Collection by Stephen Martin is a collection of poems that give the reader thought. I found myself dancing along with the faeries, swimming with the mermaids, sharing memories of old, and just looking at the world through someone else’s colorful scenery. As the poems come alive, the reader is caught up in the moment. To lyrics of eyes that draw one in, a smile to set one free, and a soft touch to just reach out and hold a hand, these poems will captivate the reader with welcoming arms.

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