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A 666 Park Avenue Novel

Book 1: 666 Park Avenue
Book 2: The Dark Glamour

ISBN#: 978-0-06-143477-8
Feb 2011
William Morrow an Imprint of HarperCollins
Trade Paperback / Ebook
320 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Jane Boyle meets the wealthy and charismatic American, Malcolm Doran, in Paris. The attraction between them is immediate and strong. Two weeks later, Jane leaves Paris to return with Malcolm, as his fiancé, to his family home in Manhattan.

Malcolm arrives back in New York with Jane, and the family seems overjoyed about the upcoming nuptials. However, he and Jane barely get settled in before he is pulled away on various business trips. At first he is gone only a few days but soon the absences get longer.

Before leaving for New York, Malcolm accompanies Jane to her childhood home, so she can say goodbye to her only living relative, her overprotective grandmother. Unfortunately, they arrive to find the old lady newly deceased. Malcolm is strong and supportive as Jane arranges the funeral and suffers through her guilt and grief. Once she arrives in Manhattan, Jane struggles to keep the peace with her over-bearing future mother-in-law. Eventually, though, terrifying secrets are revealed and Jane and Malcolm plot their escape from the web of lies.

Chewing through the pages of this book rapidly, immersed in Jane’s tribulations; I became confounded and bewildered at times, and then was often amused. This book defies any sort of standard classification. The writing is breezy and smart as the author takes the reader, with little warning, from laughter to horrified gasp. This is the first book in a promised series, so I am hoping the disappointing finish may be tempered with a more hopeful future, and an opportunity for Jane to vanquish her nemesis in an upcoming installment.

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