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ISBN# 0-7783-2334-X
September 1, 2006
MIRA Books
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
$7.99 U.S./$9.50 Canada
496 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Justine and Seth Gunderson are more than stunned when their restaurant turns into a roaring blaze. Who would do such a thing, and why? With sleepless nights, Seth is troubled by the whole ordeal. He insists they rebuild and start over but Justine has other plans. She wishes to bury the past and plunge into other things. Will the dispute bring them closer or draw them further apart?

Allison Cox finds it hard to concentrate on her classes. It seems wherever she turns everyone at school continues to focus on the topic of Anson. She cannot believe that he would do anything underhanded to the Gunderson’s.

Anson Butler is falsely charged for a crime and he pleads his innocence. Why would he wish to start an inferno when his fingerprints are on the fire extinguisher? Yet, he has been labeled as an alleged arsonist.

Residents are shocked that a fire has destroyed the Lighthouse Restaurant in their quaint town of Cedar Cove, Washington. After disturbing reports claim the fire to be deliberate, all fingers point to Anson Butler, a former employee, who was discontented. The whole town is consumed with the events at hand. Even though the town did not have a personal interest like Justine and Seth, they are all so close-knit that many are troubled by the outcome. After Anson suddenly disappears, many are certain that only points more to his guilt. The fire destroyed more than the restaurant, Seth knows it has caused his peace of mind to collapse. There had been reports of money missing in the restaurant and now the blaze. He does not know whom to believe. Allison grows tired of everyone passing the blame to Anson. She sets out to prove his innocence. Just because he had a past wrong on his record, did not mean this one belonged to him, too. Or could it?

6 Rainer Drive is the sixth story that surrounds the townsfolk after someone sets a local restaurant a blaze. I could feel the emotions that Justine and Seth went through as they tried to understand the disaster that befell them. Their livelihood and everything they loved, they put into their restaurant only to lose it. As the two decide what course to take in life, the tale was completely believable. The confrontation between Allison and Anson over the whereabouts of his cross, and the fire extinguisher made this reader feel as if she were standing right in the center of the scene. Ms. Macomber pens tales that captivate and leap into the reader’s heart. She scrupulously fashions a long list of characters that become a part of life and leave a lasting impression. 6 Rainer Drive is a delightful story that will make the reader feel like they have entered Cedar Cove and become a part of the hometown.

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