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ISBN # 0-9769132-6-7
April 30, 2006
Capri Publishing
$ 7.99
95 Pages
Romantic Suspense/Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

Dylan McTavish holds the title of High Clan Chief and is tired of the clan wars. He chooses a plan to put an end to the bloody fighting. If he kidnaps Evelyn, the enemy’s daughter, and weds her, peace will finally ensue.

Evelyn is not familiar with any feud between the McTavish and Roche clans. After the passing of her aunt, who raised her, she heads to meet her father whom she has never known, only to find herself in an unexpected kidnapping and marriage with a man she has never met.

In the year, 1630, war still exists between the clans of McTavish and Roche ending in numerous deaths. Dylan devises a scheme to end the pandemonium by taking his enemy’s daughter captive and making her his wife. Evelyn is the daughter of Brian the Butcher and has no idea how he acquired the name but is about to find out after she is kidnapped. She is shocked with the rumors about her and her family and she intends to make them cease. Dylan was certain his plan was foolproof until he discovered the gossip about Evelyn is false. Together they work to formulate a plan to initiate peace while holding onto their feelings that are rising.

A Clan Chief, A Dragon and Evelyn is a well thought out charismatic story. I loved the character of Evelyn who was unaware of events going on around her but proved to be intellectual in her search. The well written plot unfolds around the characters and shows how false rumors can spread the wrong impression of people. Ms. Arwen creates an intriguing read about families that could have been spared had they taken the initiative to get to really know the other. She generates an astonishing story that leaves a booming impact.

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