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ISBN:  Unavailable
October 2005
Silk’s Vault Publishing
30 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Monique Burke decides not to attend her sister's wedding, which makes many family and friends unhappy with her actions. Unbeknownst to many of them, Ray, her ex- boyfriend, took one look at Leslie, the slender sister, and decided that was the sister he wanted to marry. After that, how could anyone expect Monique to be a bridesmaid in her
sister’s wedding? So she ditches the ceremony and escapes by spending time in complete solitude on her schooner in the beauty of the Florida waters. She had no idea she would discover a most sensual merman who would not only heal her broken heart but also satisfy her innermost longings.

Ethan loves the water and why shouldn’t he? After all he is a merman. When the beautiful Monique comes to his aid, he is completely charmed by her appearance. He sets out to make her forget everything that made her unhappy and helps her regain her self-esteem. Is he really an interesting diversion for Monique or the one catch that will actually win her heart?

This was a very sweet story. Monique and Ethan were so wonderful together. I like the way the author described Ethan. He was the perfect man for Monique, who’s ex-Ray had made her feel so inadequate and not pretty, whereas Ethan proved to her that she was indeed beautiful inside and out. I could almost feel Monique’s emotional pain when she mentioned the actions of her ex-boyfriend.

Ms. Hussey has written an enchanting story. It gives you thought and makes you see the person for what they really are and not what others instill upon them. She gave Monique and Ethan true beauty within the heart and allowed them to find real love first, making it truly memorable. Ms. Hussey weaves a beautiful story that is different, while blending in a little sizzle to season the pot. This is indeed a delight, and with a catch like Ethan, how can a girl go wrong?

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