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ISBN: Unavailable
February 14, 2006
Blue Leaf Publications
36 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

1944: Alexandria Jamieson records her life with her beloved, Danny, whom she fell in love with during the war, in a diary. He gave her everything but his name because of his spiteful wife. So for their remaining years in secret, Alexandria records the wonderful memories only to bury the diary in a place to be discovered later.

Present Day: Lexi is a career woman who is married to Dylan, a doctor, who is consumed with his work. They hardly have any time to spend with each other and this saddens Lexi. She would rather have him than all the modern day conveniences and new cars their money buys. Lexi drives by a house that seems to pull her toward it. She is enchanted with the property and one day stops in to take a look around the grounds. What she finds is a lifetime of memories recorded in a diary that strikes a chord in her heart.

Lexi is mesmerized by the words in the diary. She would love to have that same passion in her marriage with Dylan. If it meant giving up her career and being just a wife and mother, she would jump at the chance. After she threatens Dylan with divorce he follows her to the house and learns of the diary’s contents. Lexi wants to buy the house and begin anew with him, but Dylan believes it is just a money pit. Lexi knows the diary is trying to tell her something, if Dylan will only listen.

A Love Past is excellent writing at its finest. The story immediately pulls the reader in as the drama begins to unfold with the skillful detailed account of a past love. This story will absolutely touch the heart and have the readers searching for their own diary of moments to create and share. Ms. Whitfield gives an actual feel of everything surrounding the past and present. She is a gifted writer and it speaks in this story.  

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