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ISBN # 1-59279-379-7
June 2005
Amber Quill Publishing
46 Pages
Short Fantasy Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Princess Elara’s father insists she find a husband, but Elara does not wish to marry any of her father’s suitors. She feels there is no man who can truly satisfy her the way a woman needs to be fulfilled. When she finds that man, will she be allowed to live with a commoner? Or is Dalton really who he says he is?

Dalton is a special guard hired to watch over Elara. The princess is stubborn and always gets her way. Furthermore, she is breathtakingly beautiful and much too young for Dalton. When one of her suitors breaks into her room, Dalton soon realizes that protecting Elara is no longer a game. The closeness of watching over her only draws more of a heated desire for him. And a man can only resist a woman’s advances for so long, right?

You could practically hear the sadness in Elara’s voice when she said all her suitors only wanted her money, her dowry, and secure their wishes on the wedding night. When Dalton protects her against the words of the Baron, I cheered. And when Elara expresses her love for Dalton, I knew this was one man she did not want to lose. I loved the banter between the two.

Bravo to Ms. Wilkins for writing a twist in the book that makes the reader want to continue reading until the end. The way Ms. Wilkins allowed the two lovers to explore their bodies for the first time was so hot, I doubt a fire extinguisher would have been able to extinguish their passion for each other. The combustion sizzles between the pages as Elara desires to be closer to Dalton.

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