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ISBN: unavailable
December 2005
Silks Vault Press
$ 4.00
60 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

After Ellie Blaylock finally accepts the fact that her grandmother is gone, she accepts a new job in Chicago, hoping for a new start - but she feels a bit sad. No longer will she have the tranquil peace that the small town offers. But more importantly she will miss her best friend, Jake, whom she secretly loves and not like a brother. She has to make this break before the truth is revealed  only complicating her life.

Jake McCallister loves Ellie but has never given her the inclination how much. He wishes her the best and if moving away is something she desires, then he supports her one hundred percent. If she wants her freedom from the small town life, who is he to stand in her way? While his heart tells him otherwise his mouth refuses to speak.

Ellie wants to live in Cedar Grove with Jake the rest of her life. Too bad it is not that simple. If she leaves now, Jake will never know the love she feels for him is far more than that of a sibling. So why is she hesitating? Jake loves Ellie but knows she must follow her heart. He will truly miss her but does not want to be responsible for standing in her way. Yet one night of passion could give her a reason to stay if they are willing to face the gamble.  

Ms. Jasper generates a delightful story of unrequited love between two lovable characters. She adds much believability to the story that allows the reader to feel the ache the two share at the risk of jeopardizing a friendship because they are afraid to speak from their heart. Ms. Jasper left a tingling warmth inside me with this well written romance. This book is a keeper.

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