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ISBN: 1-59133-098-X
October 2005
Hilliard Harris
216 pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Krista Marlow inherits her Aunt Celia’s cabin in the woods expecting a place to unwind
and reminiscence of the past. What she encounters is something completely out of the
norm. A vicious murder, threats on her life, and a haunted cabin that is far from any
luxurious vacation. Krista is determined to not let anything get the best of her, even with
the dead body hanging on the roadside with an arrow in his chest and a sign around his
neck. And when Sheriff Mark Dalby just happens to offer help, Krista decides to leave
her feet planted firmly on this soil.

Sheriff Mark Dalby always gets his man, or woman. After a murder takes place in the
town, he becomes Krista’s ally and offers to protect her but he cannot guard her twenty-
four seven. With a list of suspects, he has to find out who the killer is before Krista
becomes the next victim. Can he hurry and find the killer before he loses her for life?

A Shadow On The Snow is full of mysterious intrigue that keeps the reader guessing
with every clue. I loved the way the warnings came out of the most unusual sources.
Many times I found myself on the edge of my seat with all the twists and turns. The
character of Kristy was courageous even with everything that was thrown in her path.
Sheriff Dalby came off as a bit crusty and brusque when deep down he is just an old
softie. I liked the way Ms. Bodoin molded his character.  

Dorothy Bodoin has created an action packed story that is loaded with some haunts,
romance, and a touch of mystery. Ms. Bodoin puts you right in the middle of the action.
The tension between the characters is believable and with a cuddly canine by the name
of Tasha, the story really gives pause for a satisfying read. If you love a good mystery
with a touch of romance, then I recommend this book.

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Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



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