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ISBN:  Unavailable
December 2005
Silks Vault Press
Price: $4.50
73 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Jasmine Reyes had no idea that her world would become more complicated after she broke into Reynardo Valdez’s warehouse. It was bad enough that she had to be linked to the blemished name after her mother married into that family. She only went there to locate some information needful to warn Antonio. Dangerous men had always surrounded her so she saw nothing threatening when she held a gun to Antonio’s head demanding he heed her warnings. She never foresaw any dangerous hold he would bestow to her once she fell into his persuasive charms of questioning. Now that Reynardo is after her, she wonders who is the most hazardous, Reynardo, or Antonio who has claimed a piece of her heart.  

Antonio Martinez can not believe the little hot tamale in the back seat of his car armed with the gun. When she offers a warning, he is curious. Just who is she and why so eager to help him? A decoy perhaps? He puts her on the top of his designative list for more researching. With his little drawer of sex toys, he is clever in getting answers. But with Reynardo Valdez hot on their trail to retaliate against Antonio for his father’s death, things heat up for the both of them.

A Spanish Revenge is part two of The Tracer Series and is a powerful read with on the edge of your seat entertainment. The characters are very descriptive allowing the reader to really visualize. I fell in love with Jasmine and Antonio. I was not crazy about Reynardo and wanted to jump through the pages to help Jasmine, but he was a good antagonist that enhanced the plot. It is fast-paced sizzling action at its best.

Jade James has written a story that is mesmerizing. It grabs you at the first page and holds until the end. This is impeccable writing that really speaks in volume. I could feel everything that Ms. James expressed and that is why I gave this story five cups. This book is definitely a keeper.

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